[RP] NewRP

:siren:Redx475 has taken over development of this gamemode.:siren:

Hi everyone, my first real project here. I decided that I needed a educational project to learn more advanced Lua and to help let everyone know who I am. And, since it is RP season and all, I thought I’d join the RP craze. So, to start I will steal the box method from all the cool posters.


What is NewRP?
NewRP is a new RP gamemode. This is written from scratch, a derive of Base.


  • Public (after release)

  • No Guns, No Durgz
    I really don’t see a need for these in an RP gamemode. Its just a temptation for minges.

  • Non-Build
    This is an RP gamemode, therefore there will be no prop spawning, physgun, toolgun, etc. You will still have the physgun, no punt though.

  • No “Jobs”
    The gamemode is going to be very loose. There will be a few categories, but no real “Jobs”. These categories are:
    Cop (kinda a job >.>)
    Private Business Owner

  • Karma
    Not actual “Karma”, but it seemed like a nice name. This really determines what you do. Normal players will have neutral to maybe +5 karma. In general around 0. Cops will need positive Karma to stay a Cop. They can gain karma by making arrests (more on that later) and doing public “works”. (Think quests.) You can steal/be stolen from, (more later) this lowers your Karma. you need a certain amount of negative Karma to be able to even do bad things.

Karma affects alot of things. As you gain Karma as a Cop you will unlock more advance (non-lethal) weapons. At first you will have to chase down criminals, but eventually you will unlock bean-bag shotguns, tazers, etc.

As a theif/bad guy, your negative Karma will effect both your ability to crack better safes/locks, and how long you will go to jail for if/when you get caught.

  • No deaths (as in “kill”)
    Rather than using the death provided by the source engine, I have decided upon a new punishment. You will be incapacitated. This is nearly the same as death, but you keep you items/weapons, and you “respawn” in the same place. However, you must pay a fee to be revived. You can also be robbed while you are incapacitated, or helped up by another player, in which case it is free.

  • Food/Thirst/Sleep
    Similar to Stranded you will have needs. These, however, will be ALOT slower in dropping than stranded.

  • Wallet
    Your money in your pocket is different from your total money. When you spawn, you receive a basic “safe”. This must be placed somewhere, um, safe ._. . Then, you carry money in your “wallet”.

  • Mugging
    You can and will get mugged. Mugging is very particular, though. When mugging you have a choice: Holdup or knockout. If you knocksome out you take 10% of their onhand money. They get ragdolled and blacked out for 5 seconds. They cannot be mugged for a certain amount of time. You cannot mug them again for a certain (TBA) longer amount of time. Holding up however, gives them a choice (a little prompt, with keys to answer it). They can pay 50%, or attempt to run. If they pay they now have the ability to report the crime (more later) and are “mugged”. Also, if they have pepper spray, they can use that.

  • Reporting crimes
    If you are within the vacinity of a crime, you can answer, via a prompt, wheather or not to report it. If you do, the police are notified and can arrest the person on spot. They don’t get to find out where he is though, unlike in DarkRP.

  • Police weapons
    The police are the only “armed” “job”. They start with a punishment stick. This arrests warranted people, and punishes ones without one. Punishing people with a neutral/positive Karma will lower yours. As your Karma goes up you can unlock (not sure how yet) more items, ranging from a beanbag shotgun that is similar to the ULX Slap, to a tazer that ragdolls.

  • Arrests
    If you are doing something bad so lose Karma. The lower your Karma, the longer your sentance will be. If its high enough though, you wont even be arrested. Just punished.

  • Properties
    Similar to the other WIP RP’s, there will be a map config file that groups doors into properties. You can see a NPC who is placed somewhere in the map to purchase a property. You are going to need one if you want a safe place to store your “safe”. There will also be NPC’s for banks, shops, etc. These have a set price, so buying from players can sometimes be cheaper. Once you own a property you can upgrade the locks on the doors, add furniture, etc.

  • Becoming a Cop/Baddie
    To become a Cop/Baddie you see the apporpriate NPC. They have you do certain good/bad quests to raise/lower your Karma to the required level to get the job.

  • Other players
    When you view another player, you will usually not be able to tell what they do. You wont know if they are a cop, or a furniture salesman.

  • Groups
    Players can establish groups. They can also be assigned to properties. This is just a string. It can be used to make companies, guilds, clans, gangs, etc.

  • Citizens
    As a citizen you can really do whatever you want. You can buy items, combine items (later), resell stuff, do “quests”, the whole lot

  • Private business
    You can see a NPC to become a Private business owner. This doesn’t really assign you to any particular job. You can just now place orders with an NPC to get various shipments of everthing from food to ingredients to furniture. This is really the shop owner of the game.

  • NPC’s
    Alot of people are asking about these. There is a few reasons for this. The only area in which I have yet to work is NPC’s. This will allow me to learn more about them. Also, gameplay wise, they provide an alternative. They sell basic things at high prices. It would be much more advantages to see another player about buying things. You can also hold them up. And for the jobs, these are meant to be regulations. For example, you can’t become a criminal without at least one cop in play.

Wow. You really bit off more than you can chew
I know its alot, but its all relativley (lol bad spelling) simple. Remember, my goal is to Learn. Any ideas, forseen problems, etc, let me know.

** Who is doing this exactly?**
Me. I know Lua. And Ham and Jelly. He’s doing maps.

Can I help?
I will need more help later. ATM I just need to get the base done.



Video of admin setup of map, and some slight things such as doors, properties, etc

Sucky Hud
(Just values, nothing specail)
-Day 1
(only about 15 minutes of work >.>)
Doors, owning and nonOwnable
Entity labeling on HUD (Woohoo.)
Thirst, hunger, etc. Decay.
-Day 2
Saving of doors
Start of GUI
-Day 3
Start of NPC’s
-Day 4-
Properties DONE
NPCs Saving location, sellable items, angles, name, model, etc
NPCs Store menu DONE
Invenotry 90% DONE
Context menu 50% done
(Thanks to Chewgum for his Inventory addon, used that as a base for my inventory and derma’s)
-Day 5-
Added sell door/property.
Added some new food items.
Got sounds working.
Fixed buffer overflow message (Lol, NWString is more laggy than I thought)
Started on Pmodels.
Got a list of items/foods (Ham and Jelly)
Started on a skyscraper for the map (Ham and Jelly)
-Day 6-
Added coughing/wheezing for low hunger/thirst (Thanks GMS)
Added Incapacitation, revival by pay.
Ragdoll upon incap, firstperson, some other effects too.
Added standing up sleeping, ToDo: Beds
-Day 7-
Custom NPC SHops DONE!
Police chief done, ready to be bribed
Helping up other players gives 1 karma
Bean-bag shotgun done - Earned at +20 karma as a cop
Cop doors DONE
Video created.

When will it be released?
Hopefully ASAP. I have alot to do, I just thought I would share my ideas and ask for more ideas. I may do a SVN soon.

Lol Sucky DarkRP
Hopefully not. Tell me what to change. I will consider.

Another word on gameplay
In retrospect, I have realized that this post is more of a jumble of ideas, rather than an actual game plan (c what i did thar.) Here is a brief outline of the gameplay.
Money, Karma, and RP Names are saved over. You can choose to reset your karma on each join, however.
When you join, you need somewhere to stay. You can negotiate a property from another player, or buy one from the realtor NPC. When you spawn you start with a “safe”. Its more of a cardboard box. After 10 minutes it becomes a viable theivery target. This is where you store your extra money. If you carry alot on hand, you become a big mugging target. So its best to keep this in your house. Alternatively you can give your box to a banker npc and have them keep it for you, for a fee.

You start as a Citizen. You can do some “good” quests from the Police NPC to rasie your Karma to +10. Then you become a cop. Or, you can do some “bad” quests to lower it to -10 to become a Criminal. Being a Cop counts as your “job”, and puts you under that list in the Tab menu. Being a criminal does not. Or you can become a private business owner, by paying a fee to an NPC.

Citizens have the highest paycheck, since they really have no predefined “job”. Cops have a lower pay check. Business owners have none. Everyone can “order” items. Similar to buying shipments in DarkRP. Business owners have a much larger amount of things they can buy, however, and pay less when they order in bulk. Any non-cop can become a Criminal. This does not show AT ALL. Not in the Tab menu, nowhere. You can use your criminal activities to supplement your paycheck.
I hope that cleared some things up a little bit.

And here we go again!

Screenshots would be nice, although your system seems quite different from others I’ve seen. You could certainly get some players, although I think it would be more of a niche than other RP gamemodes. Of course, it seems like that’s something you’re going for, so I can see this being a very interesting gamemode. Good luck, and I’ll give it a go when it’s finished.

No guns no building, no interest.

As awful as a post as this is, he does have a point. Without death, the gamemode seems rather pointless. What WILL be the goals in the game?

I mean seriously remotely guns add action if they don’t get used every fucking five minutes. And having to pay some ass pirate npc to spawn is gay im not bashing but maybe you could have a gun-dealer receive a shipment of ten guns he disperses them/ sells them so only ten guns are in play every 30 minutes.

Thanks for the positive upbuildment. Also,

Other than trying to stay alive, there is theivery and mugging. Being a cop means you get to walk around and stop that kind of thing. And last time I checked, Garrysmod is famouse for being goal-less. Anyway, I’m going for more of a literal roleplaying environment. Need protection? Dont be daf- wait. Buy pepper spray.

Also on the point of death. When I said that I meant no literal “death”. As you run low on hunger, etc, your vision, walking, etc get impared. If you get too low you’ll collapse and have to pay a fee to be revived. Getting mugged results in a temporary ragdoll and blackout.

This is crap to be onest.

Take a look at my citylife thread, there’s a big difference.

This is just sandbox without props and tools.

I think that this lack of features is due to you not being able to do them

I wasn’t trying to copy you. Chill out dude. Tell me what you think should be fixed and I’ll try. Remember, this is a Learning project. If no one ever played it I’d be fine. Maybe someday I’ll be able to make as good of RP’s as you.

How many god damn RP scripts do we have in development?

We really dont need this, make something else. Please you are wasting your time, we have already got enough in development and yours is already fallen behind. You cant win in this rp section find some other gamemode to do.

Who are you to say he can’t create an RP gamemode?

Good luck with your project jakegadget, dont get discouraged by people like him.

Im not saying he cant create one im just saying that by reading the first post i dont think it will succed

i’d look forward to playing this, don’t let them discourage you :v:
Also if theres no building doesn’t that mean people can just walk over and take your money/stuff?

This will have a hard time succeeding. But it mostly sounds like you took DarkRP and removed everything. Its features can’t be bad if there are none…

This is a learning project for him don’t discourage him he may become a good coder one day so infinity let him do what he want’s no offense

If its a learning project dont post it.

gmodrp #2? We don’t need this, go away.

Stop acting so elitist and jump down a level to where your average poster is. Personally I wouldn’t want to play on your script. Why? Blocky and unoriginal derma menus and it just looks like an over-developed DarkRP, even if it has nothing to do with the script. Just leave this guy alone and let him develop his own damm script without you trying to rip his ideas apart. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, he’s starting a project just like you started a project, and I highly doubt you’d have liked it if Rick Dark came along and said he was making a script similiar to yours and that you should just give up.

Nice that you mentioned RP season. It seems that this is the time of year everybody starts creating and / or publishing their RP gamemodes!


This reduces appeal. Insanely much.

Good. But they need something else to do, then!

If you can’t even move props around, it hinders roleplay.

Good. Jobs are not necessary. A large pre-set job list mainly hinders RP.


Bad. Practically the only way to kill yourself is by using the world, so why in hell would you pay to respawn?!?

Not good nor bad. Depends on what one prefers.

Good! I like this!

Blah. Non-scripted mugging would be better IMO.

Good. Unless the prompt appears automatically. The user should open it by themselves.

Good. No lethals.


Bad. NPC’s shouldn’t be necessary.

Good! Nobody is a psychic!

Excellent! I want to implement this in my own GM, too, now :smiley:

IMO you should make it so that you can just start one without meeting any NPCs. But just my opinion.

I could help if I had time :smiley:

Esalaka, I agree 100% with your post.

Sorry for moanig but I have to say no goals, deaths, guns, props. What is there to do?