Rp or build?!


I’m really in need of help.
I own a 12 slot server, very stable one.

I dont know if I should have DarkRP or Build server. I’ve tride both, and usually it was the same popular, but well, what you here on Facepunch think?

Should I have it a Build Server or RP server?

Please, help!

If you’re making a server with the mindset of trying to be “popular”, you’re doing it wrong. You should have a server that you enjoy playing on, with add-ons and gamemodes that you like. No one else is going to be able to tell you what kind of server you want. You have to answer that question for yourself.

Build RP


Build RP servers are popular on small to medium-sized maps, such as gm_construct.

i like build more cause i like building contraptions sometimes ill play rp though

Building is boring, even with lots of players.

Roleplay is fun with lots of people, Especially DarkRP.

Make sure you have good admins on though, and not children.

That’s just my opinion though :v:

light roleplay on rp_hometown_1999
no killing, just living with other people, 12 slots is perfect for that map


Build on gm_damnbuild. Since I couldn’t find it on Garrysmod.org , I decided to upload it. I got it a while ago by joining a server on it.

Building is better than RP.
So Build.

i don’t like any crap that has rp in it

Build. You can’t build gmod style in the real world. If you want to rp, real life has much better graphics and an entire earth :p. Why would you pretend to live when you could acctually live? Some people find build boring, but not all that many. They are sill used to fast paced shooting fps’s. Gmod build attracts engineers and programmers who happen to be gamers. There are plenty of such people like myself in gmod. We love engineering, design, programming, and problem solving. We are not your standard gamer. I belive that the occasional halt in build to have a random dm with gravity guns and a super bouncy radio is beneficial though, it removes frustration/ fatigue.

you,ve got a point there

You have just perfectly described Garry’s Mod.

No, it is impossible to perfectly describe Garry’s Mod.

I think we need some new spacebuild servers…especially some stable ones

Building you will get a lot of ****ers that will try to crash your sever with prop spam and other things but Rp you can summon as much stuff so there less lag and spam RP all the way

Fretta is better than both

Wow… Pure failed servers you talk about, no control at all.
JokerIce Build wins. Pure control there.

In build you don’t need to have so many people, in RP you need to be many. So if you know how to attract many players, I would advice you to chose RP.
But as said, only if you think it’s fun to roleplay or build, then players will.