RP phone numbers and networks

Here’s an idea i came up with a while ago but i never actually had a chance to put it in use with my organization.

So lets say that you’re running an organization which is so big that to make it work fluently you’d need something like a phone service. Or that you just want to have a phonenumber ingame because its cool.

How can you get one? We’ll its really simple as in most of the rp gamemodes allow using both steam and dynamic ingame names with the functions.

So what you need to do is change your steamname to the phonenumber(ie: 1800-TAXI or 1800-1234) and as usually ingame you set your RP name and you’re done!

Now anyone can PM(or call using the /call command) by using your phone number.

For big organizations like mafias, corporations, the government and so on this is extremely useful because with some standards you can have an extremely well functioning phone service which can be free for the organization itself.

How to make it free? Well, Obviously you’d need nodes, which are basically just players hired to use the phone number and connect the callers or serve them. Nothing’s free when it comes to getting someone else do it for you, So to make it free for the organization you want to make the node charge somekind of amount from the caller for connecting him.

But in somecases you’d most likely want to make it free for the caller and simply pay somekind of amount for the nodes.

Note: More nodes means that someone’s gonna pick up the phone everytime someone calls regardless of the GMT.

Implemented on cider two already

  1. Businesses never get opened because people stop playing/minges grief.

  2. Already implented

  3. I’m an asshole…

For a real serious rp this will be really nice. It solves one of my problems for my government setup