RP Pickpocket SWEP

[release][h2]RP Pickpocket SWEP[/h2]

Exactly what the title says. A pickpocketing SWEP designed for RP gamemodes. I had DarkRP in mind while making this but it should work in any gamemode, really.

It functions similarly to the default DarkRP lock-picking SWEP. Face nearby player, press mouse1, wait a bit, and whabam. You successfully stole a shotgun from that asshole of a gundealer down the street. Congrats, you’re a thieving jackass.

Because I was fucking bored.

Can I modify it and release it with my gamemode / addon / whatthefuckever?
Sure. It’d be nice if you credited me, but I don’t really care tbh.

B’aww, it doesn’t work at all
I only tested this in a local server so I have absolutely no fucking clue if it’ll work online. If it doesn’t work, post the errors if there are any, and I’ll see if I can’t resolve it.

  • edit -
    It works fine online.

Not a hell of a lot to see, really.

Can I have it?:
Fuck, do I have to do everything for you?


Needs more “fuck” in the OP.

Regardless, can be useful to some people on Dark RP servers.

What. You’re supposed to release something if it’s fully working.

I agree with you but not if Joeyl10 had set it as beta.

I couldn’t be bothered to setup a dedicated server simply for a single small swep. If it works in a listen server, it should work fine online.

I created a “pickpocket” swep for a gaming community I was at, while it was alive.

While it didn’t steal the players weapon, it did steal some money from them. First it stole only 60 (dollars) - if they had 60 (dollars) anyways. Then I did a check to see if a player had more than, say, 1000 (dollars) - if they did you take 1/8 of their money, etc… After a while, shit got really complex.

I had RuneScape in mind when coding it.

Nevertheless, good job. I hope to take a look inside your code.

It’s pretty crap. You probably shouldn’t. :v:

Can’t be as bad as mine is sometimes :S
I tend to use quite hacky methods when i’m stumped.