rp_slavschool by CementStairs (it’s pretty cool, check it out if you didn’t yet) have inspired me to create my own rp map for s&box. Using HL:A assets, of course. I’ve always wanted to recreate my little city: Pionerskij, Kaliningrad region, Russia. It’s gonna be a very tough challenge for me, and I have plenty work to do, but here I’ll be sharing my progress.
I hope, map won’t be bigger than hammer boundaries.
(By the way, if you want to compare rp_pionerskij with Pionerskij itself I highly recommend you using ‘Yandex maps’ (Russian analog of Google), since google’s panorama is out of date).

Our Journey begins!


Made a little green zone, replaced road texture with cobblestone and messed up with lightning (probably gonna bring blue one back)


Looks great so far! Looks to be a very beautiful region too. Excited to see more!

That looks really good

The project is looking amazing, I’m glad I inspired you.

One advice I’d give you is completely give up Alyx assets, since you won’t be able to use the map for S&Box if you do.

I was thinking about it, nor note every model i use and begin exporting them from early stages of working on it, nor do the very same thing but with textures, and make every non-complex model a mesh. I understand that porting it is gonna be very hard, and will take me not a single day to do this, but at least i’m going to have the main overlay of the map. Because if I just wait till s&box release, and then only start working, it’ll take a huge amount of time and there will be more rp maps and I guess no one will play on mine)
And next year I’m going to the university, so I’m not sure if I’ll have much free time for this project (and probably I’m going to be far away from Pionerskij)

Yeah, i’m going to use vmap for recreating it in S&Box, not compiled bsp, because of complex working of bsps

Replaced skybox, changed envirometal lighting.
I replaced several models so it would be easier to port map into S&Box. Started working on bus stop and tried to decompile some models and texutres (succesfully)
I was testing some stuff I learned about hammer 2, but from that point maybe development will move faster (but anyway need some time go get fresh new references)

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Well, apparently this project is kinda frozen till open beta of S&Box or whatever, 'cause just like CementStairs said, using HL:A assets is not a good idea.
As soon as S&Box will be avaliable, I’ll continue working on it.
I’ll release it some day. I promise :heart:.

Hey! Sad to hear its on hold due to assets/materials. If you need any recommendations on free material sites etc let me know and I will give you a hand!

This will come in handy, I will definitely contact you as soon as I need this type of help :slight_smile: