RP Playermodels (HEXED), Security Guard and Paramedics.

Well i thought i’d release it, i mean why not. I made these a long while ago. I originally made the Security guard texture work with the citizens nicely, and the Paramedic’s texture are made by this guy http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=54804, paramedic texture’s credit goes to him. Hexed by me. More models are in the pack i just couldnt be assed adding more pics.


Nice work!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I can actually see this being pretty useful. I myself don’t go to RP servers very often, but I get tired of the same citizen and police models and I can’t be the only one.


Those are hospital scrubs not paramedic outfits.

Yet PERP uses it for paramedics.

it’s incorrect, they shouldn’t, ideally some would be available. next