rp players please read

ok guys i have been a frequent rp player for awhile on many servers but very rarely do i get to experience the actual formation of a large mob cartel/organization working in the server. so i was wondering if anyone would be willing to form a clan that goes to servers and forms mobs? I post here cause it seems to be the way to reach more people. I can host servers and a website.

dude…Are you really saying its hard?
I easily manage a mob of 6-8 people and then we raid and murder the mayor.
Just another day in DarkDM right guys?

It’s so easy to make a mob, just become mob boss, and advertise for people to join you, tell them what the mob is going to do, (how much you’re gonna be mugging, raiding, etc) and people will think “Oh, that’ll be fun” and join you.

I have only done it twice, because I’d rather prefer Anarchist, or Hitman (D3vine RP server)