RP questions

hello there!

i have a server, [Dr Evil’s] CitybuildRP

and i want to ask a few question’s

  1. i want to add some costum jobs. but how can i add OTHER weapons. i mean, like in my addon’s folder (rickroll bomb) cuz i want to make a RickRoller job and more

  2. also want to make a Helicopter seller job. but i want that they pay for the heli. sample: /buyheli and then a heli spawns + 3500$ will be taken off the buyer’s money

  3. when i close down the server. and restart it. ASS mod forget all the players who got admin,owner and respected…

  4. do you think a Town Build RP will work? (its on the pit V2. its a nice small map) its RP but then you have to build your own town

  5. when i drop some money for a player. it floats in the air. same for CS:S realistic weapon pack.

  6. i want that players that bought a car. can touch them (pick it up with phys gun) how can i do that?

if you need some extra info. please ask.


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#5 can be fixed by getting CS:S content.

You can do this one of two ways… if you have a dedicated server, create a batch file in the directory with this in it:

@echo off
Echo Starting Counter-Strike Source Server download...
hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir ./Gameserver

Alternatively you can go into your steam apps folder and open up the GCF files that have to do with counterstrike:source and extract them to the orangebox server directory.

GCF files can be opened with a program called GCFscape.

thx i shall try it