"RP-ready" version of Wiremod (unified diff)

I got some requests to release some of the stuff I did for the RP server I ran for a short 2-week spurt, so here is one piece. It makes parts of Wire safe® for RP servers that normally would be disabled.

It makes E2 safe so you can use E2 on your RP server. Note that it removes the problematic features entirely, and administrators cannot use them either (personal policy of mine). There are no holograms among other features. The functions have been outright removed, so many E2s you (or someone else) already made will not spawn if they use these features.

I also audited the gates (there are applyForce gates, FYI).

Wired Lights have been restricted so that you cannot make a giant black hole of lighting.

Wired Keyboards show a constant warning on your HUD to tell you how to quit the Wired Keyboard.

There is a version of my Wired Screen fix, but it is only half complete. If you want to fix Wire screens permanently, on the OnRemove() hooks, make sure that the screen is refreshed if the condition I put in is true (it’s a valid entity). Gmod clears RT screens when a full update happens. The prevention of the Finalize() call is only half of the fix.

There are also references to “Stramic RP” in warnings that are shown on the STools themselves. You may want to replace that with your own RP’s name before applying the patch.

For files that I needed to delete, I replaced their contents with a simple “return;” so that SVN will not restore the file on update.

I make no guarantees of the safety of this patch, but I did run this on a live server for two weeks. I am also fairly confident that I covered most, if not all, issues as I am/was very familiar with Wiremod.

This patch is for revision 2217 from 15 Sept. 2010. You must ROLL BACK to that version, apply the patch, and then proceed to update to the latest revision. You need to know Lua or have a friend that does, as you have to keep updated on new changes to Wiremod. Knowing how Wiremod works is a plus of course.


Warning: I may have rolled back my changes to restrict what entities you can look up information about. If you are interested in this, I can look into it.

Broski, what if you made a version that has components that break and have disadvantages?