RP Rockford

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Rockford is a city RP map based in Oregon USA, that includes downtown, uptown, industrial, residential, and outskirts elements for the full city experience. With lots of roadways, there’s plenty of space for driving. With 6 suburban homes, 1 country home, 2 beachside cabins, 12 2br apartments, and 6 ‘affordable’ apartments, there’s also enough space for everyne to have a home.

Here’s some of what this map includes:

Fire Dept
EMS Station
Police Station w/ jail
Night Club
7-11 convenience store
Taco Bell
Strip Mall
Forest Trails
And so much more…



TopHattWaffle - Textures
Sgt. Sickness - Models
Francis115 - Models
Ajacks - Textures
*RedMist *- Lua
*TFlippy *- Clouds
*oskutin *- Models
Facepunch Community - Awesome feedback
Catalyst-Gaming Community - Amazing support and feedback (early testers names seen around the map)

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Absolutely love the new update. Cannot wait to use this. Excellent work friend.


Great looking map!

Good looking map, however there is one key element that I would say needs improving.

The smaller cliff/hill displacements up next to the housing area are too square looking, as if they have only slightly been displaced, especially at 1:15 when you drive through into the housing area, the cliff/hill you drive through just looks like a square area was removed.

What I dislike is tinted windows, Like black outside, but you can see from inside. kinda weird looking on apartments and stuff.

Well irl my apartment windows are tinted…

Thanks for releasing this! Is it usable in Source Filmmaker?

I really like how you made the borders of the outdoor areas and the skybox look pretty realistic in comparison to a lot of RP maps that usually just have nothing but cliffs surrounding the entire map.

The only thing that really bothers, though, how some of the room in some of the residential houses seem overly massive and barren. You should keep in mind that most of the furniture models you can use in Gmod aren’t big enough to make the interiors not feel like they have a lot of wasted space, and the rooms are going to make the furniture look way too small. I think that the other problem is that the houses themselves might be too big, so if you decided to make them smaller, it would definitely allow you for some more room to add in non-enterable houses as decoration.


This room seems way too big even for a master bedroom. That size would be more suitable for a living room, but even then, the size of that room may need to be cut in half in order for it to work well.


Most basements aren’t just giant single rooms but rather a set of hallways and rooms just like the ground floor, and that includes living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Basements also tend to have a bar.


This is a little more justified since this is a living room, but it still seems like it’s taking up too much of the second floor.

If I were you, I would definitely look up floor plans on Google Image including those that deal with double floors and basements and use those images as references so that you can get a good enough looking interior. If you’re not interested at all or feel that it might be too much work and too stressful or if you’re already at the brush limit or something like that, though, it’ll fine if you leave it the way it is. I could probably help you out with the houses if the limit isn’t a problem.

I would just create more walls in those to split them up into smaller rooms, rather than trying to shrink the entire house.

Yeah i used floor plans for those houses. I’ll have to do some work on them for the post release update.

You could add me to the credit list, as i see some of my old and released content used there.
Not mandatory to add though :v:

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I agree with this.
In Gmod maps interior spaces tend to be oversized.

This is nearly 2x as large than the entire apartment i made for INFRA:

What content did you release? I got some content from external sources who wrote “ALL CREDITS GO TO ORIGINAL MAKER”

Could use a bit more detail and something to replace that … forest or whatever it is.

Hello, i’ve a problem with the new map… In DarkRP i can go through door… Not HL2 or Hammer door, but the L4D doors… Why ?

Some of the road textures, trees, bus stop and those windows.
But w/e, i’m glad to see them used.

Road textures are all mine modified from cgtextures but the models i can understand. I’ll get you in the credits as soon as i get access to a computer.

Mika make sure your server has the content pack

Ah okay, they just looked familiar.

MMh yes i’ve have two pack : Map Only and Models/Materials Only

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In solo it work but not on my server… It’s strange

Hmm… It seems that the download super quick using resource.AddWorkshop and kicks me with missing map error. I’ve also seen this problem on different servers too… Did you corrupt a update or something?