Rp Sarlacc Work In Progress

I’m working on a small map that features Sarlacc at the Pit of Carkoon from Star Wars Return of the Jedi.

Here’s a preview:

Map released!

Here’s the release thread.

It’s a good start: definitely needs improvement. I think the Sailbarge should be higher off the ground, though…

Yeah, I’ll make sure the positions are correct once the sand has the correct shape and detail.

The textures are going in different directions where the brushes meet the displacements.

Looks pretty nice so far, might want to fix the textures on the hole though.

Make the entire desert a displacement, it’ll look more desert-y.

Like I said, it’s only the rough shapes so far, everything will be much prettier soon.

Edit: Check first post, added a new screenie.

wow it looks great so far

Seems like everything should be higher, and the funnel of the pit be much bigger.

I can’t tell what the scale of this map is, can you throw a prop in or maybe stand on the plank to show us the scale of the ships/sarlacc?

The ships are the correct scale, due to Hammer limitations with brush solids some of the proportions are slightly off, but only just.
The actuall pit wasn’t that big btw.

Now that you guys mention it, it does seem a bit small. I guess it’s the size of the textures and lack of detail yet to come that makes it look like that.

But I’ll put in a ragdoll in the next preview to show the scale.

LordTrilobite, if you have either Jedi Academy or Jedi Outcast, I suggest taking a look at this map

Of course, if you run it through Jedi Academy, missing textures will ensue, so I highly recommend Jedi Outcast. Or if anyone else here has it, do some screencaps (also, if you noclip you can go through the Sarlacc’s tentacles and beaks and see its stomach, with acid juice and everything.

Yes I have both games, never seen that map before though. Thanks.

What I could really use, is details of the inside of the sailbarge. I guess I better check out that map.

For details inside the barge, I recommend two things:

The map
The film (More so this, because it’s you know the canon stuff and what not)
LEGO Star Wars 2 or The Complete Saga as a sort of basis.

looks good, but i have one statment/question:
i’ve noticed that recently, people have been shoving the prefix rp onto non rp maps.
is this in fact a map that you roleplay on, and if so, what script would you use?

Don’t forget to use propper on the parts of the ships that have many brushes. It’s coming along well.

I have all of those :3

How about the script from the movie? Though, perhaps you’re right that I should put another tag on it. like GM or something.

Since it’s only a small map, I don’t think that’s nessecary.

Update, check first post for new screens. I also added HK-47 for scale.

One of things I’m wondering is how are you gonna make the skybox, a big desert or what?

So far it looks nice, needs alot of work on details but what you have in the screenies looks nice.

For the desert, I may choose a different sand texture, but yeah, the 3d skybox will be one big desert. It’s the Dune Sea after all.


He meant what RP Script… As in what Lua Script. Not a story script… Augh. But yeah, you should probably change it to GM since I doubt most people would be RPing on it, and unless it’s meant for RP… Then you really should change it.