Rp_scp_site19 - Source 2

Damn just today i was thinking how that role play scp map will look like in s2 and just saw this now.


Those screen shots looking nice though!

Are you going to keep the HL2 props or replace them as time goes?

Well if we had a modeller then yeah. Probably replace them as time goes.

Alright. I really like the lighting on the props though, good work!


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The light is flickering or is it added in post? Can’t wait for immersive gamemodes with ambient like this, but at the same time, is this still site 19?

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pretty dope cant wait to test it out on s&box

The light flickering is a custom light pattern and it is still the same site19 map. I’ve just been lazy with porting the rooms all over again lol.

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Curious why the port to Source 2 if you’re not going to take advantage of PBR materials?

These screenshots (with an exception for the mine shaft? looking part) honestly look like they’re straight out of the old Source engine with blotchy static lightmaps for each light, and with splotches of light around light sources that don’t behave in a way that should cast light around the base on the same surface they sit on.

Well it’s still not finished and I haven’t yet considered improving any of the visuals from the game those are ported from. Right now I’m just trying to get everything moved over before actually changing anything visually.

This looks cool! I’m really looking forward to this fully being a thing