An SCP - Containment Breach map for Garry’s Mod using ported rooms and assets from SCP CB.
The map has a huge facility (obviously), a full custom outdoor section with areas to explore, a breach event built into the map, and a ton of other things.

I will be posting images and videos here showing off new things as the map is developed.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/mlrIELB
Old FP forum images: https://imgur.com/a/85mbTZQ
Discord: https://discord.gg/KtJ4Z47


I’ve been doing a lot more with the CI base recently and so far it’s turning out pretty well. Near the end of the video you can see some cool phong reflections on the pipes as well.

I’ve already got some ideas of what to do next with the terrain and I’d like to finish things up enough to put it on a server before the end of december but I guess we’ll see what happens.


Cool! Thanks for the work!



Alright not releasing it this month but definitely in January.

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Jesus, is that an actual waterfall in Gmod?
Water accelerating and not just a flat texture? All it’s missing is some splash particles!

Yeah there’s already splash particles but it’s too small and hard to see. I got another video without the ugly borders and slightly better particles:



Does this map use any Half Life resources? If not you could port it to S&box!

It uses some for the CI base but I’ve already ported some stuff over. Once I release this version I’m gonna go way more into Source 2 and start playing with some cool ideas I have.


I’ve been looking into making a SCP/Laboratory map by myself for source 2. You’re stuff looks good!

Sad to see CB stole the gamemode off of gmods BREACH gamemode. Gmods BREACH is way more balanced smooth and has more stuff to do.
It sucks CB stole it from us and they can’t even make proper walking animations!

So here’s some exciting news. I’ve actually made a working day/night cycle that works with lightmap and vertex lighting:

It works with the flashlight too so you can turn that on and see everything just fine. It does have a few minor downsides and it’s not guaranteed to be in the map, but it works well enough and would be really cool to have something like this. I just hope it isn’t TOO unoptimized.

As for finishing the map, I believe all that’s left is the 3D skybox and then making sure everything is working properly for the server. Some things like the CI bunker door or making enough space in the map to fit the 3D skybox took longer to make than I had hoped for so it wont be done this month, but it’s definitely much closer.

If you are interested in joining us as a lua developer or know someone who would be, message me (Waffles#7631) or clunky (clunky#7240) on discord.


Great job! I can’t wait to see the final rendering.

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