rp server.. needs gamemode...

hey i kinda need some one to help me get a good gamemode for my rp server… like tacoscript or so please help if u help me youll get full admin in the server later…

any gamemode ideas are preciated…

Type of role play you would like?

a really serious one no rdm and so

Any RP mod that restricts weapons. GModRP, maybe?

I’d suggest get someone to fix CakeScript G2 for you, or wait until G3 is out.

ok but i want guns just not rdm like taco script but i cant fix it couse its so damn tricky

Any gamemode with guns can have RDMing, you just either need good administrators or a system in place.

Tacoscript is available though so you can actually go download it if you want.

Tacoscript doesn’t prevent RDM (on its own). It’s the admins running TnB.

lol I read that is “ruining” for a minute there :S

Try Cakescript. It’s mostly fixed now, and G3 will be out soon!

Honestly though i’d wait for something new. Cakescript G3 or philxyz’s serious RP…if its not private.

but dont u need a sql for cake script?

It’s not private, it’s MIT licensed. But it’s not released yet. I’ve just released DarkerRP though, based on Cakescript G2 it’s still beta so you guys can test it if you like.

ok i might try it but i wnat some thing that isent minging ^^ like tace just i need help getting it working

If you want to restrict minge-ing I recommend downloading the fixed version of Cakescript G2 or Tacoscript. Those scripts take away your ability to do anything other than RP using your imagination.

Cakescript G2, hands down. Just seems like the best choice right now, rather than the buggy Tacoscript leaks (what are there now, 7?) Costly Kuroscript, or any of the other buggy DarkRP edits out there.

And phil, did you fix the credits bug on Cake?

but dont tace and cake need sql
and what is a sql? no one has answered me yet…

Cakescript doesn’t use MySQL, just need GCFScape so you can extract the models to your server’s models database, so the animations work correctly.

MySql is a saving system, basically.

The credits bug? (I was new to Cakescript 5 days ago)…

Oh do you mean setmoney? I fixed setmoney in DarkerRP, just grab the setmoney plugin from the plugins folder and my version of admin.lua and you should be good to go…

ok what should i extract? what models?
hl2 or hl2 ep1 ep2 or ?
or css please tell…

the models are:


They need to go into garrysmod/models on the server.