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I’m trying to look for a Serious RP server. Not some DarkDM. I’m not interested in HL2RP, I have severely overplayed it. I do like PERP’s model, but most of the servers out there have either flaunting admins or its DarkDM with weed. Any suggestions?

There’s really no servers that RP anyone, it’s really just dead.

Utopia Roleplay, it’s pretty new but I really love it. It’s basically a Sci-Fi Roleplay.

If your interested: there’s the IP.

K.R.O.N.O.S. - Dead End

Its a Sci-Fi roleplay with aliens and mutants.
Storyline (Very basic but you find out most of the things ingame.) : www.slagaming.net/kronos/story.php

We use a Sanity script (Think Amnesia), made by me.

NPCs like Impalers and Tormentors (Basicly very modified fastzombies and hunters with fastzombie torsos in a centaur way), and other npcs are automatically spawning by a scripted AI Director. (Its not just a “SPAWN RIGHT AT THAT POSITION EVERY X MINUTE”)

Gmod roleplay. har har har. the only way to play how you want to is to make a server and control the minions on it.

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Don’t know if you like Black Mesa from Half Life 1 but we run a Black Mesa RP server with our own created map, It uses DarkRP as a base because we haven’t got anyone pro at lua (I’m learning) but it’s pretty strict, no guns, no dm, no messing around.

Some screenshots from the loading screen here:


You are more than welcome joining my friends server, which runs AppleJack. It’s more or less Semi-Serious, but I guess you’ll enjoy it (;