RP Servers cause swep to act weird yet Sandbox make it act normal? Able to replicate unable to fix

So someone i know recently downloaded this swep for their server


That swep acts weird when it is used after joining most RP servers and on the servers that have it

It acts normal when it’s used before joining any servers or if you join a sandbox server after joining the RP servers

Since his server is a RP server it kinda creates an issue that would be nice if fixed

Now i have no clue what is causing this issue since i tried saving my cfg after joining the servers to see if i could replicate the effect just by executing a cfg to figure out if it was some kind of setting i toggled on the client side that i could replicate but to this minute i still have NO success with that and perhaps i might have done it wrong the only way i can replicate it is by joining a RP server and the only way i can remove it is by joining sandbox or restarting Gmod

What could be causing this issue i wonder and thought that maybe some smart guy out here could spot it the second he saw the video that i am going to link below this line

Feel free to ask questions if anything seems unclear

Edit: After joining servers the effect will carry over to “Start new game”