RP Servers have doomed us all

I wrote a data collection script for the master server list, each run at a different time, my results were averaged.

Server type percent (based on total reachable servers)
rp 	 - 	 30.53% (1142) with 41.57% player mass.
sandb 	 - 	 23.8% (890) with 11.17% player mass.
terror 	 - 	 14.81% (554) with 11.57% player mass.
other 	 - 	 13.29% (497) with 14.14% player mass.
prop_hunt 	 - 	 5.56% (208) with 7.69% player mass.
murder 	 - 	 3.77% (141) with 3.16% player mass.
deathrun 	 - 	 3.72% (139) with 3.54% player mass.
jailbreak 	 - 	 1.68% (63) with 2.52% player mass.
cinema 	 - 	 1.52% (57) with 0.8% player mass.
zombie 	 - 	 1.31% (49) with 3.83% player mass.

                  [del]ADMIN 2 ME!!!1!!1[/del]
                  [del]Unoriginal concepts[/del]
                  [del]buy admin servers[/del]
I have concluded that [del]donate servers[/del] have doomed us all, as the addon infested duplicates are breeding like rabbits, and have no genetic deviation from one another whatsoever. They are clones. They are secretly plotting to kill us. Get your milk and bread.

tl;dr There’s a stupid amount of RP servers on garrysmod, and regardless of being an unoriginal, impossible concept in garrysmod, is somehow still the most popular type of gamemode out there. I don’t understand why.

What are your thoughts?

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But yeah this issue has persisted for many years. Problem is that the game never runs out of 8-13 year olds to whom RP holds appeal whilst its failures appear irrelevant. The problem ranges from major youtubers cashing in on these children, making videos that further bring more children to the game… to other problems like the server browser promoting unoriginality in order to have your server be noticed.

**I think the biggest sin of this game is that anyone is willing to donate to shitty servers for perks. We have many many children using their parents’ money / donator money in order to support servers, even though they actually cost very little relative money to rent as an adult.
Immature server operators + a need to use poor administration practices in order to stay hosted = The Garrysmod Dilemma.

I’m not saying that children playing this game are a bad thing; they’re just enjoying the game. That’s great and I was there once too, and would credit this game with setting me on a great technologic course.

But, the current state of affairs definitely prevents this game from living up to its potential as a potential young game programmer’s paradise.

**In a game made for letting anyone create anything and others easily play those creations, it is sad to see the majority of content be unoriginal.

And why should anyone put their talents into this game, when their efforts will go unnoticed under piles of RP?

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bolded the main points to help with the annoying wall-of-text

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behold the problem in action

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all of this is why i’m excited for the possibility of garry making a sequel to this game; if he does, i hope that he manages its release well enough to prevent a repeat of garrysmod’s fate

I can say with 100% certainty after developing for a lot of RP servers over the past few months that it’s due to the demographic. Although younger players are a high contributing factor, another major component are those people who only came to Garry’s mod to play RP (usually from YouTube videos). Although I think the other gamemodes could become popular with the younger audiences with a different server browser, RP would still be the most popular category, regardless. It’s almost as if it is a separate game player-base wise from GMod altogether, and pulling them away would be like pulling Call of Duty players to an indie game.

This is exactly why I stopped making gamemodes.

The last successful gamemode group I’ve seen is GMod Tower, or Noxious net. They’re the only two people i’ve seen use the game to its full potential in terms of a third party gamemode. Noxiousnet died out in 2011, and GMod tower is moving on to tower unite.

This. Where RP would still be the biggest category, it wouldn’t be the first thing somebody sees when they launch the game for the first time, and it wouldn’t be “wow this gamemode has the most players it must be the best”.

DarkRP alone has the most servers out of any. There are (If i remember looking at my data correctly earlier) 860+ Darkrp servers.

NoxiousNet was by far the strongest group in garrysmod. That was a golden time, back when they hosted many exclusive gamemodes. That was also back when sandbox was popular.

I’m not sure where this conversation can lead. We can bitch forever about the lack of a fun development-appreciating community, but is there anything more productive to say here?

Roleplay servers have always been a big thing on Garry’s Mod, as Garry’s Mod is well suited for creating RP situations. If someone created a DND gamemode where you made monsters with PAC3, it would probably take off as soon as it came out.

As for why roleplay is popular… It’s sorta a drug. Most people play it because they like being able to do something that they cannot do in real life, and in some cases they play it to have some form of power which doesn’t exist for them.

In terms of productivity, I don’t think so. I just wanted a few opinions; I was curious of how others saw this situation.

Indeed RP servers are taking over, to be honest it would be cool if garry updated the server browser to ‘manually’ promote other gamemodes like Sandbox, atleast German YouTuber don’t play any RP public, I only saw them record Murder, Sandbox & TTT.

garrys mod is dead and we (sadly) need to get over it

Honestly, one of the things which I’m shocked that more people don’t know about is how roleplay communities operate. I cannot remember the exact name, but their is a pretty overhanging group which has connections with most of the DarkRP communities. In order to earn profit, these communities or rather the leaders of the communities, tend to work together in order to find ways to convince players to donate to XYZ group.

For example, a fairly common tactic which is on the rise at the moment is to do false-flag attacks with DDoS programs in order to scam players into donating a set amount of money for server protection. At points this also can come to play where community owners convince clans within their servers to have requirements which make it so people have to donate in order to join the clan. This was actually fairly popular with communities like Hellzone, in which Killslick use to convince the mafia families to have suits, which was a monthly VIP item. As you’d imagine, players would keep donating for these suits, so that they could stay within their friends in a certain clan.

As for the more “upper-controls” a lot of server hosts are aware of these types of things, and offer a false-hope of sorts in the regards to actual protection. It’s sorta why you hear lots of players these days looking for DDoS protection before buying a server. Realistically you’ll never need DDoS protection, but thanks to how the DarkRP community, server hosters, and likewise have convinced people that they absolutely need it, you’ll have communities being robbed of fifty to one hundred fifty dollars a month to pay for extra protection that they realistically would never need.

So yeah… DarkRP servers are effectively working together to scam kids of money, and most server hosters are helping in order to make a quick buck off idiots.

Can you explain this then?
I don’t even host DarkRP.


so what?
your picture does not explain why you would need ddos protection

In australia ddos protection is largely worthless unless you piss off one of the 0.01% of people that have the connections to use a good booter for long lasting attacks
your average darkrp kiddie cant use things like LOIC because of the shittiness of the average home internet connection and cant afford to buy a sustained attack from a powerful booter

Skids pay $10 to buy a booter that’ll saturate servers without DDoS protection. Even with firewall rules you can’t handle 10Gb of traffic with a 1Gb port.

you will hardly find a booter that has an output of even 1.5Gbit
all the kids on hackforums promoting their “ATOMIC STRESSER 5$ 100GBYTE!!!” are lying crooks

well, cant blame them for making money off stupid people. most booters earn around 3k+$ monthly

if your server requires .5 to 1 Gb and an attacker takes even .3Gb you’re going to have an unplayable experience

Hello? Serverwatch is that you?

It’s not like this is a new phenomenon or anything. Roleplay has always been popular in GMod, and it continues to be something people keep going back to. You can’t stop it, people are gonna keep playing on roleplay servers if that’s what they enjoy doing.

Honestly I miss the times when we had more unique gamemodes that weren’t somehow based around roleplay, they were usually simple and a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun playing zombie survival or the various fretta gamemodes, sandbox was fun to mess around in with friends. I think the biggest issue with GMod isn’t really roleplay, but rather that a lot of scripters have moved on and stopped making content. The whole scripting scene has become monetized, and people would much rather make money off their scripts than to release them to the public. If anything GMod has become stagnant, there aren’t a lot of new gamemodes being made that aren’t just re-hashes of older stuff, and the ones that are made are quickly forgotten or never finished.

‘The whole scripting scene has become monetized, and people would much rather make money off their scripts than to release them to the public’

Aren’t sold scripts still technically public though?

People seem to forget that gmod is probably the best moddable roleplay game out. It only really falls down when it comes to large maps and 100+ players, it has a building system, admin systems, you can override every default feature, fuckloads upon fuckloads of custom models and props, and it’s extremely cheap.
All of those features make gmod suitable for roleplay.

I co-run a starwarsrp server that I try to keep free of the cancer that I see people complain about in these threads, pay2win, pay2be-admin servers full of scriptfodder addons, and I actually enjoy playing on it.

The main downside of these servers is only the way that other gamemodes get pushed down the list, apart from that I don’t know what everyone is complaining about.