RP servers

OK, Im new to this Gmod multiplayer server stuff. I’ll ask the following:
>Can you revisit your own multiplayer game again? If not then:
>Do you need to be in a clan on Steam to make a Gmod server that you can revisit?
>What are the basics in making a DarkRP server like…BSU server?
>How do I seperate normal tools from tools that only admin use?
>How do I add on Wire mod to my server?

Yeah I know that there’s a lot to explain but I’ll be glad if one does help.

This is the LUA scripting section, might want to post in the role play sub forum.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. All in RP section
  4. ditto
  5. ditto

Its just that this is Newbie Questions sub-forums so I thought Id put it here but I’ll try RP sub forum then.

1.) No. You can only re-load single player. Or unless somehow some of the newest updates did this?!

2.) Of course not.

3.)In RP section, or if you want some, er, specific things, You can do this:


Darkrp 2.4.1 OR
if you have SVN, just use this link:


And the thread is here:


4.)You can use FPP (Falco’s Prop Protection) Or get an admin mod like assmod to restrict shit.



Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys.Something weird happened.The Create Muliplayer option in the Gmod main menu is…well…not there! Gone! It still makes a sound when I click where its supposed to be but nothing happens. Does any one know whats happenning?

New garry’s mod update, just click Start New Game or something along the lines of that. It gives you a choice between “start multiplayer game” or “start singleplayer game”

The menu opens when I start gmod, but it has nothing on it.
And if I close it, the button on the menu to open it does nothing. I look
at console, and it says the command to open it is unknown.