RP Shipment Work but dont work.

My Shipments Work as in they can be spawned and Moved with props But you cant pick them up with the grav gun or phys gun. We redid the update for the server and the SVN for the RP. Id there any Addons that would cause that like the new Scars Mod?

If you need any info tell me ill give you what i can.

Thanks for no help it was ULX Screwing with the Shipments

Could you be more specific? ULX doesn’t modify the ability to grab entities like that.

I had Ulib Ulx and UPS i took them out and the shipments worked again. I think it might have been more the UPS part witch is just a perk to ULX. If you like i can test it later today and tell you if that was it.

UPS makes more sense. If the shipment mod isn’t providing any information on who owns the ent, UPS would fall back on it’s safe mode which would be fairly restrictive.

It was the UPS Mod.