Rp SpaceBattle Work in progress.

Hey guys, currently working on a Star Wars space map based off Star Wars Battlefront 2. I’m only realitively new to mapping and haven’t made a great deal. At the moment I’m just playind with the lighting in some areas and expanding it.

What I’ve done so far.



Yes I know the lighting looks shit in here; I’m working on it.






So give me your thoughts, ideas etc and I’ll try my best to implement!

wouldn’t this glassify as a gm_ map?
it hardly looks like an rp map.

More like a SB map, but this looks pretty nice, however the corridors in the first two pictures look a bit empty and bland, try adding wall detail.
This looks just like the space maps from SWBFII :v: With Jedi Outcast/Academy textures of course. Either way I like it so far.

It will be used in an upcoming Star Wars roleplay server.

SWB II, good times :stuck_out_tongue:

The map looks alot like the original, nice work.


If it’s going to be a roleplay map I’d suggest you make it more like the vessels featured in the movies and books. While some of it is fine and dandy as an fps the design makes little sense in the context of SW Realism.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever played Star Wars Galaxies, but a less linear version of the Star Destroyer instance would be interesting…

Looks nice so far.

The hangar area looks the best, by far. Reminds me a lot of SW Battlefronts 2, so that is good.
The rest looks rather bland. Your textures needs a bit fixing(making them fit to each other), and you should improve the lights(it looks quite flat and boring. Try making it colored, like slight blue/red/green/yellow).