Rp Stardestroyer Beta 1

While there are loads of props and ragdolls, I figured there weren’t nearly enough Star Wars themed maps. so I made this. A map that features a near full size Star Destroyer from Star Wars. You can walk around in the main bridge, and two hangars, aswell as fly outside in space.

[release] [tab]Name:[/tab] rp_stardestroyer_b2

[tab]Version:[/tab] Second Beta

[tab]Description:[/tab] A huge Imperial Class Star Destroyer with interior and exterior in space.

[tab]FPSbanana Download:[/tab] http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/124468

[tab]Garrysmod.org Download:[/tab]http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=92538









Btw, I used the custom skybox texture ‘starbox’, though I don’t know who made it, can anyone tell me this so I can add that to the discriptions aswell?

WOW, nice attention to detail.

Need this on the Storm/Clone Trooper thread SGG has up.

Star Wars Rp will live!

Aye, but I hope there’ll be a second beta or a full version later where you have a bunch more hallways n’ such.

I think that might be Lazermaniac’s textures, the guy who made Rp_Bahamut.
Pretty nice looking map.

Yeah I wanted to add more rooms and hallways, but the problem is lack of pictures. Apart from the bridge and hangars, there’s not much to go on. Except that big overview cross section picture. But that picture doesn’t show any real detail, just a bit of the layout. I could give that a try of course, but it’ll be more fantasy and less accurate stuff. Anyhow, I’ll think about it. first I plan to make other Star Wars maps, and I have other mapping projects in other games aswell.

You mean the skybox? Cause all other textures are standard. But I’ll check it out.
And thanks :3

I’m liking this. I expected it to be blocky and bland like most other maps but you pretty much nailed the geometry perfectly and made it pretty detailed. Great job.

sstrp will edit this in a month :frowning:


Anyhow, I guess I should add more rooms for some proper role playing. :3

Additional Command area, Barracks, galley, pilots ready area, TIE storage, armory…
rambles on

Looks great!

However, some custom textures and a more interesting skybox texture would do wonders.

I didn’t use any custom textures on purpose, saves space. Besides, I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

I will make another version though, with more detail, and probably more rooms. Probably atleast TIE storage/fueling station, perhaps also the primairy generator.

More rooms would be awesome, i can see this map being very usefull though.

Great job.

And Amy running the whole ship.

wow thats really good is it optimized?

Well it’s hard optimize since it’s so big and open, and the main bridge has windows that overlook the whole front top of the Star Destroyer. But generally, if you are above, the underside doesn’t render, and vice versa. So it’s fairly optimized, for the next version I’m trying to improve this too. But it might end up with a lower fps since there will be more rooms. Though I don’t think that this will be such a problem since most of those rooms lend themselves fairly well for optmization.

We need more rainbows in this thread.


I know there’s a Star Wars cross-sections book that shows a (probably accurate) cutaway view of the insides of a star destroyer. If you can get a copy of that picture, it could help with deciding what rooms/features to add and where.