Rp Stardestroyer

File Names: rp_stardestroyer_v2 & rp_stardestroyer_v2_inf

Version: Version 2

Description: A huge Imperial II-class Star Destroyer with interior and exterior in space.

**Steam Workshop Standard Version:**http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=130083907
**Steam Workshop Alternate Infinite Version:**http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113534839
The alternate version has teleporters on the map edges to create an infinite loop



  • movie accurate interior and exterior where possible
  • vast expanse of space
  • 3d skybox for spawning props to make them look bigger
  • automatic doors and blast doors
  • control rooms to lock and unlock doors and sound the alarm
  • working elevators
  • spawnable imperial fleet in space (button in secretroom)
  • rooms include: main bridge, bridge communications room, conference room, numerous hallways, big hangar with flight control room, small hangar with control room, 2 TIE service area/refueling stations, TIE launching bays and control room, TIE pilot on-call room, barracks, med bay, mess hall, shooting gallery, sparring room, detention block, main generator room and crawl space.
  • hyperspace function with 3 destinations
  • holo projection of the ship with status updates
  • movable TIE crane
  • working hangar doors
  • secret build room
  • NPC hint nodes
  • a second version of the map with teleporters on the map edges to create an infinite loop


Map made by:

  • Olof Moleman AKA Lord Trilobite

Custom textures:

  • custom textures Lord Trilobite
  • porting Jedi Outcast textures ShotGunGuy49

Custom models:

  • custom props by KingPommes and Lord Trilobite
  • porting Jedi Outcast models ShotGunGuy49
  • custom models by Stiffy360 that were originally made for the edit that was commissioned by Mittens.

Custom skybox:

  • Wizard of Distortion

Map testing:

  • KingPommes
  • Wizard of Distortion
  • ShotGunGuy49
  • Benigane
  • Liam0102

Special thanks:



Man the interiors looks great, nice attention to detail.

And there’s an easter egg somewhere. :smiley:

Find it you must.

Such a cool map. You should make a star wars Role-play themed map, like on tattooin or whatever

A Tatooine map is already in progress in another thread.

No wait…

A certain city in the clouds with dwarf workers? And funny looking “cars”?

Requests go elsewhere. This thread is about rp_stardestroyer.

head as-plodes
Seriously, holy crap.
I never thought suggesting expansion upon the map would go this far.
You are epic, good sit.

Well you guys wanted more interior, and you got more interior. :smiley:

Actually though, I didn’t include all I wanted to include. For example, in a future version I want to add a jail, working TIE crane and lots more. Though, now that there is a fair amount of interior, I probably wont make a new version any time soon, unless someone spots some serious flaw in the map. So I’ll probably concentrate on other maps for the time being.

Sweet stuff! Looking forward to geonosis updates!

Does the skybox mess up for anyone else? I get a hall-of-mirrors effect whenever I look at the skybox.

Same here, i see what was on my screen before i look, except the stars themselves are there.

same with me how do you fix dis

Same thing is happening to me to. Any way to fix this issue?

Aye, but I think that’s suppose to be like that because You’re not suppose to go outside the ship.
The only two modifiers I’d add to that is fixing that problem in the bottom of the ship in the docking bay where you can jump and see that ‘hall of mirrors’ alongside dimming the windows in the ‘bridge’ area so you can see through them more clearly.

Ah damn, I forgot to pakrat the skybox in. I’ll fix it when I get home.

In the mean time if you want the skybox, I think it was included in the spacebuild pack. It’s called starbox.

And you are supposed to go outside, with vehicles that is.

Yeah, and I know yo must have forgot something cause the first beta had it. Can’t wait for a fix.