RP Sugestion (huge)

Hello fellow, Garry’s mod’ers :smiley: (INSPIRED BY WAR OF THE SERVERS)

I have a Very big and wonderfull idea that I highly Suggest not doing alone.

For my idea there is:
New maps
Upgrade/reconstruct projects that are already made (ask for permission please)
minor map coding
lots of lua/server scripting

I’m only just a beginner programmer and thought, why not say my idea and let the professionals team up and work on a master piece.


Here in this idea there doesn’t have to be any big suprise, i’ve looked at lots of maps and different types of gamemoded maps, there all excelent, but none will work for this mod, because this mod is ment to be played over multiple servers (explained in SERVER). the map is connected by other maps through the servers. There fore there will be need of a new system that I already partly seen in the skydive map, where there is a check spot for inventory (no smugling or smugling pervention unless bribed). Also just like RP maps there are spots where it would look like you could switch maps but you can’t because theres a block, or the map goes in a circle, good but we want to go places, like if I was tired of a city and wanted to go camping, i’d have to go to another server, or ask the admins to change it, and then i’d have to save all my stuff and try to save as much as I can and start fresh, and when I come back my stuff is owned by someone else or someone might take it before I can get back to it.

The maps would be made peice by peice, suggested way of planning is drawing a map of a country or something and making dimensions, every square would be a whole map that a server would run. on the edge of each map would have an anti-smuggling spot (simple) not too complicated, and only on an edge where you could move to another map/server (that would be in the lua script as an entity) and keep your stuff. Also each map would need a jail, and at least one store, or you’d have to go to another server every time you ran out of food.


I’ve played a couple of RP based gamemodes, they are really well done. Eat, sleep, work, play. Now we need to have one simular problem with all RP’s, the pickup! When ever someone walks over a weapon/ammo any other type of thing to pick up, it’s in their inventory, when they wouldn’t want it or when they’re trying to give it to someone, disable the auto pickup and pickup using “+USE”.

When making or ASKING to use and configer an original RP, please have a tutorial readme in for making a custom class rather then having a custom class within game, and to get money is by people not by every certin time, so the admin would have to give the first 10 people money to get started and as people start joining the money increases as more people join, people get money, get a bank, job, and interest.


Now this will be hard, because when you have multiple servers you have multiple databases/ips, this will be the most difficult because you have to have all the servers running this gamemode/lua script/Freak of RP have the same database, so when people move from one server to another, from one map to the other they still have exactly what they had just as they had to load the new server, and when they leave the server the stuff they own is still owned by them.

I guess to put it simply:
server1 saves banana in inventory steam_##:#####,
server2 load steam
#_#:##### loaded banana in inventory.

server1 load steam_#_#:#####, has 5 doors and loaded orange in inventory

So I guess in RP they would have robbings every once in a while, unless later on someone installs security in houses, or for the first year of having the project there are no criminals and asks politly that we would be adding criminals later.

Addons within the gamemode:

Well don’t you hate it when you have to scramble about in your spawn menu for an entity or something in the props you want, rather then doing that to create and beutify your home, they should go to a shop and get stuff, but then what about moving over to another map, we’re trying to solve that also while you move from server to server in this gamemode.

There should be a selection of giving someone items, like, F4 on a prop to change the owner to someone else (idea inspired by RP door owners).

I like the idea of spacebuild, power, garbage, breaking, petrol, and gasses. Petrol for veichles, power for houses(lights, radio, computers(PCmod), and tolet (why not). garbage, well when making a game as real life, why not have no removal tool, if you don’t want something, sell it, or give it to the dump, and people at the dump recive money to have the item removed (large inventory for truck), and tranceport it across citys/towns/farms/deserts/villages/camps/forests all the way to the dump map (sugested size of flatgrass), and if people want anything from the dump, they have to pay salvage. If the dump is empty then that would be perfect, because once there is a popular (please only one) group of servers, the garbage is going to increase. later on the admin might have to go in there and delete all the extremely old stuff, but thats all.

Moving from map to map would require only the character to move to the other server, but also with what ever is in his inventory. Inspired by a small device that I saw but can’t remember, you place a bunch of things around it and it acts like a black hole gathering everything in it, then once it’s button is pressed again it releases the items. Well, if it’s done right you could do the same thing, move the person into a garage with a large door, ask to place his stuff down is one area, car/truck/van/boxes/coke/pop/gun what ever, place a temporary disk on the ground stand back and let it gather everything and it becomes placed in a breakable box. the person can now carry the box in his/her inventory, moves to the next map and moves outside to the same area on the other server, has the guard or person working there fire or destory the box exploding all the contents in the area they were placed in and the person picks up everything he/she had in the box and drives away in the car/truck/van/spaceship.

The vehicles should not be pre-made through valve hammer, the game or by anyone else. easy engine might do it, with a little moding, but we would like to have pumps that need energy, and a energy bill and water bill and all that, but I wouldn’t think of that until later, because then the team would have to make a new toilet, new cars/trucks/vans/hover whatever, and new water systems (sugessted but not needed), spacebuild V2 is the best bet for car oil and energy, and coolent. Air is not needed, unless you wanted to have an underwater map where you’d need an amount or an area for air to get to the city by transit rather then a valve hammer cut water out of the underground drive as you can see out and watch some fish swim around (That would be nice to see though).

Uhhh… I guess thats it, Please contact me or get a group and tell me whats going on, I would really like to know the progress for this project. Email me for any questions or comments.

Please plan ahead, go for the team and tell me who all did everything, I’ll keep the record of who did everything and credit them properly.

All I did was plan


I would love to see this happen, I think a lot of games should be like this so why not make this one the first? I’m never good with word’s but i will say again “would love to see this happen” I’m up for this anyone else?

Cool idea. Now you just need to learn lua and code it.

not by myself
and besides wouldn’t a team be better for it

May I map for you?

Also I am only starting little IE a small rural community with a small part of town the rest of town is a 3d skybox, but I plan on a subway sewers ect