RP Vs. Jail map ?

Hello facepunch

Im about to create a map ( No not some Downtown rebuild v33x91462 )

So what my thoughts are

Big jail map could be used for JailRP ( if such thing is around )

-with 64 cells
-cell block A and B ( 32 cells in each )
-guard break room
-locker room
-execution chamber

( and more )

for the city RP map

-64 ownable areas
-police station
-farm land
-gun store ( will be like a classic styled one designed like the one in American guns )
-powerplant ( with switch to shut down all lé power in the city )
-gas station

( pretty much what a basic RP map contains )

i was thinkin about a 1930-1940 styled RP map to ( using Real life pictures and games like La noire and Mafia 2 to create it )

i would like to hear what you think about that.

I do know how to map but i would like to hear what you, the community would like me to make. ( you may feel free to suggest maps to i pretty much just need a project. )

Throw some punches at me !

If you ask me, there are many usual RP maps out there already, but not all too many prison maps. So a prison map would be a nice addition.

thank you :slight_smile:
im going to wait for a few more answers and then i will begin the map :slight_smile:

There’s lots of jail maps out there.

There are literally thousands of jail maps out there.

I am yet to see a good RP map that provides a good balance between typical close quaters roleplay scenarios and any sort of logistical roleplay.
The most playable roleplay maps out there tend to lack any sort of decent theme.
Most decent looking maps tend to have a generic modern day city theme
The era you are talking about doesnt excite me that much either. Id either date further back or bring it forward a bit on the edge of massive communication/space technology.

Here is a Roleplay Map (along with finding a modder to work with)
I have always wanted to create but never had the patience or willpower

A industrious map. A place where technological accomplishments can accomplished. A long term game with the choice of either resetting or continuing. Roleplay would be throughout however ultimate roleplay experience would be achieved at the endgame.

It would be up to the players to advance the relatively large map. Find ways to harvest materials, invent light, invent communication methods, invent the train! And so on.

The experience would get more depth the longer they play and because of the way it plays out. You don just work your way to the top, you make additions to the top.

Make that!

Most of the rp maps are not modern day city, they’re just rundown suburbs.

I should have said the present be in a run down suburb or a a few that have a modern look to them.

Either way there all a bit boring. Most are probably made with DarkRP in mind though, which itself is often very boring unless servers put a hell lotta time into editing it themselves.

there isnt really any other RP mod thats easy to get hands on and easy to run, so it would make sense to have DMRP in mind when creating a map.

what i really wanted was a custom RP mod but that wont happen im not good at lua can only create basic stuff and if i had to learn it would be out in 2020 and would proberly be broke 24/7 :frowning: