RP Wars Server?

I’ve been looking for a new server that uses Kermites Weapons and runs on dark rp with the map rpw_downtown v3 I miss just shooting this shit out of people and it not being called rdm, I used to play on one called Vortex Servers but it seems they have died. Any one own a server or know of one please send me the ip.

Get out.

HL2:DM is your savior.

Its called Deathmatch.


sigh why do people even go on RP servers if they want to kill people? If you want to shoot shit, go play CS:S, TF2, some game that was actually MADE for killing people to your hearts content, and stay out of the RP community. We already have more bloodthirsty eight-year-olds then we can handle.

Its just called rp wars there’s no rp intended just freaking fun.

To be honest, I’ve never even heard of RP wars, so excuse me for my ignorance. Why exactly is it called that? RP usually stands for roleplay, which usually means playing a role. If it’s just pure DM, why call it RP wars? Also, if your looking for a server that runs a DM gamemode, why ask about it in the roleplay section?

I can sort of see the point - deathmatch with more of a purpose. Don’t like it hitting the regular RP servers but if people have their own servers for it I don’t mind.

Ugh, You guys are fucking idiots ruining roleplay at its core. Roleplay, Play out your role. Who cares, I am pretty sure in war people shoot eachother without typing /me shoots him in “chat”.


Just like Mobius Servers, Ruined roleplay.

Is there any need?

May in enquire as to how they ruined roleplay?

Well, Particularly horrible admins, I do not dislike you to much anymore due to you “leaving”, The “metropolice” in the HL2RP server are elitists bastards in OOC. Done.


But, I give them this… Better admins then PE ( Slightly ).


Play Zombie Survival. It is kinda like DarkRP/DM just you kill NPC-s instead of players.

Ok lol I’m not trying to flame any one so I’ll just snip the post. But the Vortex server I missed is up just outdated :v: what are the odds. But seriously was it the only one that existed in all of the gmod servers out there I’m surprised because it had about 15/15 on there server at most times.

Edit: Doonbuggie You got called stupid by garry I loled at that, and you trolled.

I “like” how you bring up completely unrelated shit in a argument. Instead of proving me wrong. And judging by your other posts you obviously do not want to be here.

I normally wouldn’t reply to anything like this- But this is stupidity at it’s finest. It’s like putting someone down if they spelled a word wrong. :frog: Get out.

I Concur.