RP-worthy car.

Most likely something basic. Opening doors, gas cap (optional), trunk and hood.

With a bit of lua scripting, it could run out of gas, refill, be locked/unlocked and its performance can be affected by damage and repaired.

The scripting part could be complete in a week, why hasn’t it been done?

If you think it’s so easy, then you do it.

Things like these tend to *look *easy on paper, or at least sound like they *would *be a good idea.

Lua Monkeys go do this.

Or at least *try *to.

Because not a lot of people want to do that much work without getting paid. Besides, it’s a lot more complicated than you think.

You say this in every request thread, who gives a shit

Nope, only in the most preposterous ones.

I didn’t say nobody will do it, just simply answered his question with the correct reason as I see it.

I am too busy mapping and trying to start modeling to even think of LUA. :frown:
My brother used to be a pro at LUA, but it wasn’t for anything Gmod-related.

But seriously, an opening door? Hitting the use key on it and it turns 60 degrees counterclockwise, then clicking again to enter the car? Doesn’t sound worthy of a paycheck.

For the door to open, it’d need to be on a seperate bone to the car.

Things don’t just magically go Open Sesame when you touch them you know.

You know Taggart, rigging a door isn’t as hard as an entire character though. :eng101: