Rp_ commands / Noclipping while arrested

I understand that FP in general does not appreciate the gamemode of DarkRP, but i need some help with it.

Problem One

Me and friends have been running a DarkRP server and have been making really good progress and have been growing sense day 1. To continue the growth of my community, there are obviously many things to fix in DarkRP as it is an imperfect gamemode.
It has came to my attention for anyone here that knows DarkRP well, that using rp_ commands such as rp_unarrest, rp_unarrest, rp_(job) are avalible to regular admins, obviously meaning that the command is calling for isAdmin(). MY problem is that i need to change that to isSuperadmin() so that regular admins can quit abusing their powers. Giving me the pathway for the certain file that contains the command in DarkRP would greatly help.



Problem Two


I have searched for methods to stop noclipping while arrested. I understand that there are two vital functions for restricting noclip while arrested which are isArrested() and isNoclip() if there is an easy way to use those to stop noclipping while arrested, help would be greatly appreciated as well

Any and all help would be fantastic. Thanks for reading.


  1. Open all files in NP++, search for the commands in all opened files, replace IsAdmin to IsSuperAdmin.
  2. Open all files in NP++, find GM:PlayerNoClip() and do necessary actions. It might also be a hook, so search for PlayerNoClip too.

local function DisableNoclip( ply )
	if ply:IsArrested() and ply:IsAdmin() then 
		return true
		else return false
hook.Add("PlayerNoClip", "DisableNoclip", DisableNoclip)

[ERROR] lua/testing.lua:10: attempt to call method 'IsArrested' (a nil value)
  1. v - lua/testing.lua:10
   2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:82

I’ve tried to code #2 for you, however I am still learning myself.

Maybe you should get less shit admins?

What do you mean open all files, where should i be looking cause there are lots of folders and files that could be relevent

By all I mean all of them. I believe your PC can handle that?

Why do that when there are programs available like Windows Grep?

Unlike IsAdmin, isArrested has a lowercase I

Because why download another tool if we have what we need? Anyway if you want, you can use that tool.