Rp_ FiveBoroughs

So, i learned a lot from you guys really and what i learned changed how i make maps.

I started with rp_greenriver, how ever the map was a bit ‘tacky’ or ‘blocky’, so i went around in google street view and looked at how Lower New York is made up, i started to see a pattern of brick based apartments and shops to random modern buildings, mainly gas station and recreated my map, feed back is greatly appreciated;


Orange areas yet to have a texture





Thanks a lot!

7 Day Food? Does this mean I can’t eat it in the evening or night?

Looks good though, not my style of map but I like the broken mirror.

Nice Work… Don’t forget to add Window and Door frames, Other then that its looking good.

Well, the gag is that food goes out in 7 days but you know, also i hope to see it in animations more than rp servers, tho it be nice to see being used.

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Ehhh, effort but i’m going to xD

Really nice, it’s easy to see even a new mapper improve when they use real-life references. Good job!

Make sure you add actual lighting so it doesn’t look like ass.


It’ll give you more motivation to work on it if it actually looks good, oddly enough. That’s what a friend of mine taught me and it works.

As for the gas station, I’m pretty sure the stock HL2 resources include some gas pumps. They’re pretty dated by now, but they beat the brush ones you made by miles. Try to decorate some of the buildings with additional props, such as water tanks in the rooftops, some trash in the alleys and some decals.

Keep up the good work

I have custom models ready to be imported, so don’t worrie :wink:

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I’m so bad at lighting in a whole, I’m gonna finish the map and let my friend do it, I suck in every engine I’ve worked with, it’s a shame becuase I know lighting can change the whole map.

How ever I’m flying to New York on Thursday for my birthday, and I plane on taking allot of pictures, I’m making my dream of a nice New York Map in source :wink:

I would be really happy if some one can post an image of a police station that would fit in with this street thanks!

Something like this?

I recommed to think a bit more about where to place what textures:

I would never make a bath room with wooden floor and wooden wall panels. You could never clean it up and water will just ruin the floor after a while. Thats why tiles exist. Also the light is too bright.

For the outside I recommend you to take a look on this page: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Sky_List
Just take those recommended light values and most things will be fine. Be careful: Those skies that have hdr in their name usually have a sun built in. You can’t change it’s position and so you should stick with a realistic angle coming from it. But it will be only visibile in HDR mode of course. For LDR support you must add a env_sun to make the big lightbulb glow.

Another sentence about window and door frames: Add them. They are small details, but they add a lot to the map. An example:

Imagine those windows without those very cheap frames. It would look strange since it’s not clear why the glass just doesn’t fall out on the street and because people are just used to it (which is most important!).

Ok, as i said lighting is gonna be done later, that being said i already have a env_sun?

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Thats perfect thank you!

I was wondering, I have a motorway in this map, however outside the playable area is another motorway, how could I add cars that move etc? And no it’s not a 3D skybox.

Added door frames and window frames

I’m now working on the police station, a few restruants and housing estates.

I’m gonna make it so arround certain parts of the map a MTA train goes past, I dint think it will be usable though.

Thanks for the feedback!

That broken mirror is really nice touch.

Thank you, it’s details like that I feel a lot of maps are missing :wink:

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I have a lot of .obj models, but I have no clue how to one convert them to MDL and I don’t have a program that can rig models, assistance would be great and receive credit were used.

Ehh, time has past, and im stuck for ideas, iv been doing detail out side the playable city. Could any one help i dont know how to make it ‘New Yorky’.

Oh, and i have been adding Steam Pipes to the map, they make it feel like New York :smiley:


To be honest, I do not like to make complexed geometry in hammer much these days, and if do make any architecture its usually a building, or a block of W2W buildings. I usually keep my work to myself, and I rarely release, or hand it ovewr ot other people. I have terrible ADD that prevents me from completing projects either by attention or motivation.

But I love architecture and I love Garry’s mod xD more to the point I love New York, it’s why I have not stopped yet and don’t plan on either.