RP_(Need A Name)

Currently making a RP map, I dont have a name for it yet so if you have a suggestion feel free to post :slight_smile:

Let me start by saying sorry for my horrible spelling(french/spanish/english) difficult to get all of there language in my tiny brain hahaha!

So I would like you guys to tell me whats good/bad in this map as its the first map im making(or atleast releasing)

But also help me, example in…
-How to make decent mountains
-why some of my doors dissapear when I “run map…”
-What is a decent “chill” lighting, i want players to feel chill in the map and not like downtown where everything is so sunny and all, I wana make it like its the morning, sun rises…if you have a good color for my env_light to be, plz let me know

Here are pictures of my map :slight_smile:

From what I added this is what the map currently looks like

Town Square:




2 shop/propertys 1 on top of the other:


4 floor apartments + roof:

Boxing ring(could not find a decent color for the ring so its VERY COLORFULL)

Pool Area.

Admin Lounge(contains secret area leading to disco and bar underground, admin only)

Please help me make this map better :slight_smile:

oh and BTW, I am looking for people that are experience to help me create this map, advise me if your interested.



it looks nice, but why is it so yellow?

its yellow because of the env_light, I was testing the lighting and wanted to make it look like the morning when the sun goes up, epicly failed as you can see haha


It actually looks quite nice, I suggest you remove the yello tho… maybe like Rp_hillside

thanks for the nice comments and yes, as i wrote i need someone to help me with lighting, when itl be done there wont be any more yellowish crap xD


or rp_asswipe

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how about rp_IJustReportedYou

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OP add me on Steam

The lighting is way too yellow, and the displacements up to that house need some work and they have the same texture all over, find a good blend texture to use. The house on the cliffs is kinda blocky too. Not bad overall though, I liked the town square.

I dont think that would be a good name for a rp map, just sayin

That house on the top just looks out of place. Some textures i see are stretched, or just looks out of place, Dont use the same texture for a ceiling and floor.

You have to make the roads transfer better, just not have it go from a road with lines to blank.

Make the sidewalks have corners on them, like a rounded corner.

But over all looks decent, just change textures and lighting.

I had rounded corners but they didint appear once i ran the map…weird

change textures? ok, il try and work on that
lighting as i sed will obviously be changed

Some of this is really nice (The pond and walk way) but some of it is just unnecessary (Boxing ring and admin room with Disco).
With the park the wood path should continue around the pond(Wood straight onto grass seems strange) and maybe make the pond larger. Tone down the trees a little. Maybe even base it around the small(Or larger) park and name it something like rp_Parktime or something

clever use of a rollermine prop and missing textures :v:



Or what ever the most ratings your map gets by the time the map is ready.

What’s wrong with unnecessary? All the best things in life are unnecessary. As long as it’s done well, I don’t see why you can’t include these in a map.


hahaha, i should make like a MOB place and put some weed plant models in the underground as it could be likw where they grow it, so then i could call my map like rp_(something weed related) wich would be crazy.


and as the guy who posted rp_dumb or stuff, really isnt constributing for this thread so il ask you to not post unusefull stuff, noone really gives a crap of your bad jokes, if your doing it to get your post count up please do it elswhere. thanks

Wayyyy too yellow.