RP_1923, A Map by Ich Bin Ein Walross

Hello there my peers, I have come to tell you of this map, however little consequence it may be of. It is entitled, RP_1923, and as you can predict it takes place during the Year 1923 on the Western Coast of America. Now my reasoning behind the setting being the Western coast is that innumerous Organized Crime people are infamous to the Eastern counterpart, therefore I believed this to be a ideal opportunity for creativity. The map as you can see is very much under work, I however do have a frustrating tendency to take long breaks, and this can lead to forgetting about the project. The main centerpiece to the map shall be a very large complex that towers high above, the top floor will have a Penthouse where only the most illustrious and wealthy will not doubt live. The rest of the town will be fairly even in terms of poverty and such. Please stand by, as I am still working on this map.


Good to have some nicely themed maps now and then. Best of luck with it!

But a little advice, the textures on the screenshot you’ve provided don’t seem to blend too well. Props look nice though. I suggest you take a little look at de_wellness. Fantastic map and in a way it has the same 1920’s style your aiming for in your map. Bet you could learn a bit from it.

There’s a de or dm_1923 map that has nice textures you might like.