I have now successfully part of my L4D2 campaign to GMOD. This is the apartments. It takes place in the future, and is based off of New Mombasa. It’s a small map, so it’s only use that i saw was for RP, Comics, and Filming. It is almost completely made out of custom textures, with a few textures and models from L4D2. Have fun!

As a precaution, I would mount L4D2 with the mounting tool because the map is on and off with textures. Let me know here of any issues.

The rest of the map will come after it has been cleaned up and “RP-ified”. Same with 2019 M3B, the office building.


Looks very nice :slight_smile:

Thank you. It’s the culmination of two months’ work.

Looks Great, Though i see it fit more for machinima and Comics. Rather than you’re mentioning of Roleplay.

Now that you mention it, I kind of agree.

Okay, The third and second map are coming along. Second map just needs to be double-checked for stuff that I missed, same with 3rd, so you guys are looking at a few days. Rest of apartments map is coming afterwards.

If its done the map put more picture if its not done . Goodjob :slight_smile:

PS:I don’t read what you type cuz im to lazy !

Ill play this map in the year 2019.


Pretty sure Garry’s mod 16 would be out by then, rendering all of Source’s current Tech obsolete… but lol.

It was obselete when it was released. No other games used dx7 at that point.

lol, garry.