Heres a few screen shots.

Heres my progress its abit more by now but theres it in V1.2
its now in V1.3.

Theres a picture of v1.3 lot of stuff not pictured like road an the building area/field.

Theres v1.4

Heres A Private/Public Realease: http://www.mediafire.com/?tkqbqkqrptmau7l

You should make the ceiling lights directional

You need to use light_spots on light sources. Don’t use plain white lights. Your level is pretty blocky and your building is sitting on grass, add some concrete. Actually look at a 7-11 and look at your map and see if they look the same.


Suggest you take a look at this picture:


Perhaps use this to get a better view over that kind of buildings.

Lights aren’t realistical at all, they must be direct and lol 7-11 as RP map.

Ninja’d 3 times wow.

lol I know I made the thread say rp.
Its not an Rp map Its really gonna be a gm since it has areas to build.

But meh.


lol there is concrete also this isnt a release version.
You see a link to an upload anywhere?
Thanks for the tips this is my third map ever so its pretty good.


Also again thanks for the tips You have any other things that may help Since this is a work in progress any help is welcome.


LOL I guess 8 light sources hitting a brush causes unforeseen errors XD

It looks great but I am not so sure about the windows. I am thinking decrease the number of them and set the door in the center of that wall. Maybe, It all depends what you want to do with it.

Also take into account, if you wanna go for accuracy, there are back rooms. Bathrooms, staff only locations, and storage.

Just a few suggestions.

Why did you have to do 711… WHY! That number follows me everywhere. I see it all the time, no matter where i look!

On topic though, I think it looks pretty nice, and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Don’t you dare say that. I’m not being rude, just realistic when I say this. It does not look good. The lighting is horrid, the brushwork is just as bad, and the sign doesn’t spin at all. Why would there be a 7-11 in the middle of nowhere? At least give it a parking lot or something. There’s nothing in the 7-11, no counter, nothing. Fix these and maybe you can say it starts to look nice.

You relize I fixed the lighting.
I HAD a parking lot its just not pictured.
Has a counter 3 switches.
Slurpee machine. (3-4 hours of modeling XD Had alot of problems with it)
Bathhroom which is a work in prog…
Also guy the sign spins Id think Id know.
Its parented to a rotating brush controlled by a button inside.
Uploading 8 pictures as we speak


Interior is far from done but here it is.
Again thanks for any help an criticism.
there are 4 streetlights 2 not pictured.

This looks nothing like a 7-11. Suggest you delete it and start over.
By the way, “megapictures” like in the OP are an eye sore.

It looks like you have a leak cause your lights not bouncing.

The lighting is very bland, I suggest trying to tweak it to create more of a realistic looking effect, the lights shouldn’t be completely white. The architecture looks very unremarkable, if you’re going for realism, the little details will make it many times more believable, such as skirting boards, a suspended ceiling instead of yet more concrete. the window frames look like they’re a foot thick from here, which isn’t realistic in the slightest.

Try making the table tops a little thinner, they look overly very blocked out at the moment. Overall your map needs less repetition and much more detail to break up open spaces, adding props will help with this, as will adding decals and overlays. But as I said earlier, atmospheric lighting will help bring this map to life and at the moment, it’s far too bland, dull even.

22fps!? :wtc:

I think you should add little something to the walls outside it the bricks look really flat. Maybe add a few sticking or other damage.

Remember thats on 1.75 gb ram
1.5 gb graphics card so yeah my pcs shit.
Don’t post shit before asking about it.


Not public yet Im planning to add pipes etc. maybe some misc. decals…?


Im not gonna restart im making this map to learn not to be perfect.


That why i was thinking.
I cant seem to find it.


Yeah I know the windows are about 9-8 inches thick its an easy fix.

As for dynamic lighting Ive tried a few ways but it always seem to make the map like completely bright no matter the setting.

map>Load pointfile. If it asks to load a file, then you have a leak. If it makes you look for a file, you don’t.

It asked to find file.


So Im not sure why the lighting is messing up.
An again thanks for the light_spot they help alot.

A 1.5 gigabyte graphics card tells us nothing.

Isn’t a RP map supposed to have lots of details and such? But I’m sure this
is far from finished.