RP_Andromeda | A new map.

Hi, I’m not actually Troy McClure, however, you may have remembered me from creating maps such as RP_NewYork and various other New York Styled maps. However, they were never released, simply because they were impossible to finish as they exceeded sources capability. However, I have returned, for the third time - with the small hope that I can bring you a New York styled map. But what is different this time round? Well, to start with. The map abides the limits of the Source engine, and it’s almost complete. Currently, it’s going through the final stages of prop placement, and optimisation.

Currently, on my mid-range PC, I average 120fps, however, I’m yet to begin optimisation, and thus I hope to increase that. The map’s size is somewhere between Downtown and EvoCity V33x.
As for the name, someone suggested it. And I liked it (it’s my name on various applications including steam)

I have spent a lot of time making the map very detailed. Currently, it has the following:

11 Appartments
8 Shops

  • Pharmacy
  • Clothing Store
  • Pawn Shop
  • Several Empty Stores
    A GP As opposed to a hospital (I’m not familiar with the American Health Care System or Vernacular)
    A Police Department
    A Fire Station
    A Car Dealer Ship
    Subway System
    Day and Night Versions

There is plenty of places that I’m yet to show. However, at this time - I’d rather wait until I’m finished. So here is two images.


Here is the Prototype for the Day versions. Please note there has been a lot of changes.

Edit: I changed the name, as it would probably look nicer in the browser menu etc!

That actually looks really nice, good fucking job.
It’s honestly such a shame that good maps like this will always be beaten out by downtown because of the current meta.

Dude downtown has been the go-to map for so many years at this point. Can you even call it “current” if it’s been the same for the last 5+ years?

I can call it current because it literally follows the definition of current?

[http://havasu.co.uk/a/FtWDC](Definition of Current)

Looks dope

I’m going to brighten the map up a bit more, and the 3D skybox, and optimisation and it should be done. I have added more stores and living spaces. Feel free to give input!

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With no optimisation, the map is running pretty darn well. With an average of 52 FPS. I recon this could easily be improved. Full compiles up the fps by about 10. So yea, stay tuned!

i know nothing about the intricacies of mapping but that’s looking pretty damn fine

That looks incredible! Great job dude!

I mean. I wouldn’t of gotten this far with out your help Turtleey!

I tried doing some basic day time lighting today, thoughts?

Fuck me sideways this is looking amazing, good job man.

Woua ! Well done
Try to add those pics to the main thread so we get a nice overview

I hope you’ ll finish this or give us a playable version, cause it’ s in my opignion the best way to figure out how things are.

The lighting looks great and the map looks like a lots of fun, even if its only at a very early stage.

Keep it up !

I’m back from my holiday, and I’m getting straight back into the map. And hopefully, with the weeks off I have, I can finish it!

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I have also devised a new road system, to which instead of the roads being 3 brushes, they’re only two, in which I’m gaining back close to 144 brushes.

This is insanely good, < 3
What are your specs?

R9 280x
AMD FX 8320 - 70 FPS

GTX 750ti
AMD Athelon (can’t remeber which one) 62 FPS

There is still no real optimisation yet. No matter where you are the map draws everyhting.

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As a map dev, I rework quite a few areas. So you may see changes in these screenshots, compared to the old ones.

The map now has a new road texture, which gives me more control. So I can add details like man hole covers etc. I have also added trees! So you will see leaves on the floor in certain areas.




This shop has working shutters!


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When driving over the man hole covers, it makes a noise!

Lovely work

Little touches like this are the soul to a map, you’re on a good path here.

Thanks :D. You’ll be glad to know that AC Units make noises, some lights in run down buildings flicker and there are various other details in the map (such as leaves in the road where trees are)

It sounds really good with the attention to detail from what you said. Can’t wait for its release! :neat:

Currently contemplating on a new street, and whether it would be worth it? It would make the map feel bigger. And possibly adding a few underground routes. So yea. Maybe a delayed release. But it will defenetly be out for the summer!