Rp_arpon BETA


Basically, we released the beta looking for some constructive criticism, and that’s exactly what we got. The map is undergoing some quite large changes at the moment, and is being updated regularly by both Arpeggi and myself- making it really a work-in-progress now (thus warrenting the creation of a new thread, brah).

Most of the info is in the video itself for this, but basically there’s a construction-site section in our map- and this is something I ran up in hammer that will be player controable. It doesn’t lag or anything, so that’s a plus side too.


A quick look at the gun store with some new custom textures and the new gun-range.

So yeah- we’re going to use this to basically dump our screenshots, videos etc… of the map as it is now, and would love to hear some feedback on what we’re doing right/ wrong.



It’s dark and has some small issues.

… care to elaborate on said ‘small issues’ in our NIGHT-TIME map?

Looks nice. The shooting range looks a bit bland though.

Well the buildings are too dark with lights on, and some walls are actually missing.

Well, that may just be the video, but I’d suggest downloading the map off the other thread and having a look around. It’s an older release, and does lag A LOT in some places- but you can get a rough picture.

No-walls are missing. There is one ceiling section missing (which is visible for a few seconds in the video) as the shooting range passes underneath a section of the map which is currently cut out and being worked on as a seperate .vtf file. I should really have mentioned that already, but oh well.


It looks like another shit boring RP Map. However, just with the two things you posted it gave me an idea.

There’s alot of puzzles, vehicles, places, etc that have been done in HL2/mods. They get boring after a while. However, it’s not too hard to put a fun, new spin on it.

What if instead of a digger you had something with a claw on it? That way you could grab boxes, beams, etc, and move them around, rotate, etc. This (i think) would be more fun to do. You could lift your friends around on the boxes, build things with it, etc.

While with the current digger… I don’t see much use. You can’t really scoop dirt so…

And with the gun range: What if instead of a gun range it was a melon-cannon shooting mini-game, and you could use buttons to move the targets. Or a basket ball thing that you shoot melons into, etc.

I don’t necessarily think you should implement these in this map, I just think that people need to take a new outlook on ideas like this.

Hmm… well, the digger itself was just a video I had laying around of a feature we’re using in the map. There’s nothing particularly ‘useful’ about it, just as there’s nothing particularly ‘useful’ about roleplaying. It was there just to add to the effect really, and add to the overall interactivity.

I’m a bit taken aback by the fact that you think it’s just a ‘shit boring rp map’, though. If you look in the other thread, practically everyone actually liked the map and provided us with proper, constructive criticism targetted specifically at it- not at a completely different idea/ map concept that we COULD do. My friend, we’re I’m sorry to say but your advice on some ‘shit boring minigames’ isn’t useful in the slightest. We’re making a roleplaying map, brah.

I did download the map. It’s dark.

Alright, well have you tried turning up your bright- no.

Ok, fair enough. We’ll look into it. We would like the maintain a darker theme to the map, as it is in a very natural and encloused area at night.

“looks like”.



And have you ever gone to a city at night? Just because it’s nighttime doesn’t mean all the buildings aren’t lit up.

Hey there L… Ned! For a start this in not a city, it is an isolated village starting to show signs of developing into a more urban setting. And light in real life and in something like the source engine are entirely different things, in real life light radiates out from a point such as a light bulb and bounces around the room losing strength but generally lighting the room all around.
Where as in the source engine a light entity just calculates spheres of brightness and based on the 50% cut-off point etc. and then lights any brushes within those spheres. So what I’m saying is that the amount of lighting that we’ve used might seem odd from a screen-shot because we’re used to seeing everything reflecting the light to some degree rather than it just saturating off into darkness. Whereas if you look at the light in game, it seems a lot more natural to us, because the light that gets reflected by everything in real life we hardly notice because our peripheral vision just blurs it out into darkness.
So when you’re moving around in the map it’s generally better for there to be less light as it makes it seem more realistic to our eyes, if everything was to be fully lit it would mean that we would see everything because although we have peripheral vision when we look at a monitor, very little is blurred so it would just look like a very fast slide show of images.
Another reason why it is better for us to use less light is that we can better present focal points of the map to players and give it a better flow. We’re playing to our strengths of being able to present interesting little ‘mini games’ or things that are important to creating the immersion of typical role-play map, rather than trying to fill every crevice with props.

That post made no sense, had no paragraphs, and didn’t really tell me anything.

Just because you directly tried to copy what you see IRL with lights doesn’t mean it will look in game. The outside looks very boring with no distinct lighting, or lightsources.

Although we didn’t really choose to base the map during night time, what am I saying is that it has become clear to us that:

One, less lighting means less areas are visible which means less areas need to be populated with detail which increases the performance of a large map light an RP map. Especially ours which is already filled with prop trees and other scenery, which in hindsight it would have probably been better for us to just go with a much more basic theme and surround our content in cityscape brushes and sky boxes like most other RP maps do.

Two, it makes it easier for people to concentrate on a particular building or feature within a building by simply highlighting the points with lighting.

And three, although it might seem a little too out of context for something like a map for a game. It seems like a much more natural way to look and things and from my personal experience, it strains the eye a little less than looking at something like a desert map which at times just seems to fill my monitor with a bright cream canvas of light.

That doesn’t change what I’m saying.


I’m talking about lighting up the buildings and making them stand out, not up the overall ambiance. :confused:

I understand and I am taking on board your input, but I could easily find a few images which have much less lighting through power consumption problems or just through random coincidence, but these would reflect the needs we have for our map and a role-play map in general.

So we would rather base the lighting and feel around those than around another situation where a lot of lighting is present and would mean us losing the advantages that I listed above.

jesus christ you expect way too much

No, I try and let people use their common sense to create better maps. No wonder the average quality on FP is such shit. Every time someone tries to suggest a way to improve other retards shoot him down.

You’ve got a very rude and obnoxious way of giving suggestions.

What you suggested would not be an improvement, in our opinion it would mean that we would have to reduce performance for a map which already has a starting disadvantage.
Criticism is not constructive criticism, it’s just criticism. And claiming that the quality of the work on here is “such shit” is a very good way for the FP community to smack your delusion of grandeur out of your head.