Arpeggi and I have been working on/ off on a project for the past few months, and think it’s about time to release it in its beta-stages (as we can’t really progress any further forward at this moment in time without direct feedback and criticism from the community). We are fully aware of the performance issues our map faces when running on some systems, and we’re working are hardest to try and resolve this without losing too much of the map’s detail in the progress- so you don’t need to talk too much about that.

That’s about it, really. We have added quite a few props in the map right now, but they’re only really there to give a feel of how well it’d run when it is ‘propped-up’, so to speak, during a hefty online role-playing BANANZA, BRAH. We’d probably cut a lot of them out when we actually release it.

Screenshots can be found here.


Also, as a side note- the piano in the bar is fully working, so all you one-fingered musicians can go fucking mental.

Whilest Pigeon was sorting out the textures and adding some more custom ones to make everything seem a bit ‘cleaner’, here’s something I made before. This is going to be in the next release and feature in the construction-yard section of our map… obviously

It has yet to be textured, so that’s why the buttons look like shit and the outside is dev-organge/ grey.

It looks really nice. Im going to try it now. Is it like neighborhood?

Can you post some images in the thread. In media tags of-course.

I’m afraid I’ve not seen that map, I’ll look it up in a bit and get back to you.

There, I think that should do the trick. I’m Arpeggi by the way.

We would prefer it if people downloaded and played the map themselves before making detailed remarks/ criticisms- as there are details inside the buildings aswell.

Captain Obvious.


Just noticed a problem- we’ve uploaded a slightly older version with some graphic glitches (brushes crossing over, some fucked-up issue with the train station spawn point, and some texture missing).

If you can do your best to ignore them, as they don’t impact gameplay too much at this stage, and give some feedback anyway. All of those will be fixed in the later release.

Looks really nice. You got my download :D.

Wow that looks pretty.

Well I tested it out, and the map is pretty good, though for some reason I’m getting missing texture symbols on some of the stuff. Is there something I’m missing?

I mentioned this breifly in the post above, yeah- it was our mistake. We for some stupid-fucking-reason released a slightly older version without those textures. They’ll be in the next stage of the beta release.

You can see some of the missing textures in the screenshots, though. Thanks for the input.

“Good news, everyone!” Yes you all did just hear Professor Farnsworth’s voice. We’ve decided to work on the map a little more, we do realise that it seems a little lacking in some areas compared to other maps released and in-development so we’ve decided to add a little more. Mostly to remove the current hotel and replace it with a larger more streamlined one in a woodland area which will be connected via the train station tunnel.

Along with this we will most likely be replacing a lot of the textures with our own, cleaner and more ‘homely’ looking versions and generally reworking the feel of the map and hopefully as a result reduce some of the stress compared to the current textures.

Any suggestions would be welcome as we will most likely be working on this tonight and the following morning. Also, if anyone with much experience creating big maps happens to pass by this thread and read this post, any advice on performance tips for the map would be much appreciated.

Yeah, this has basically turned back into a WIP again now- but it should be worth it in the end. I’ve added a quick video to the main post aswell, it’s a feature I was working on before and should be ready for the next release.

Played around in it a bit there were some things I liked and some things I didn’t. I’m going to list off some of the problems.
-Runs slow. It has that little message that says it’s trying to render too much and that also hurts the framerate if you’re looking at too much stuff. Could be better optimized.
-Too many open spaces. You have a lot of roads on this map that go in circles around blocks which have one or two structures at most. In reality roadways tend to be much more sparse. You don’t need a road that goes all the way around the back of the hotel if there’s one that works just fine that runs in front of it. The road between the two blocks that have houses on them is also unnecessary. In other words, too many roads and not enough structures for them to lead to. A lot of RP maps are guilty of this where they have miles of roadwork with small islands that have one or two small structures on them. I call it GTA syndrome.
-The architecture of the hotel is very obtuse. I can’t imagine why any architect would design a building that has the two pillars kind of stuck in the side of the building (I’m not talking about the ones that flanks the front door). The industrial appearance of the railings also clashes. That and the interior hallways are too narrow. Overall the layout of the structure is inefficient for its purpose although the individual rooms are very well done. You should just take the rooms and find a better way to organize them.
-Many of the prop doors open one way but the way they open blocks the hallway you need to pass through to access them. This can be fixed by reversing their directions or widening the hallways.
-The item crate spawner in the gun store doesn’t work. It spawns a crate but when you break it the ammo box that falls out isn’t an item. It is simply a model so it can’t be picked up.
-There are 3 healthchargers just sticking out of the side of the hospital.
-Some of the bathrooms have full-sized windows next to the toilet.

Anyway the two big things I’d fix is that you need to better optimize it and you could easily do away with half the roadwork.

Ah, thanks a lot for some decent feed back at once. And you’re entirely right, we’re probably going to remove the hotel at some point today, and then placing a new one in a more remote extension, removing car park to create a construction site, so some of that blank space you mentioned will be filled. And as for the roads I think we want to leave the map open for expansion in the future, I’ll talk with my significant other, my partner, Onnet7 when he gets up and see what he thinks.
But in general regards to the roads I think it gives a more structured feel to the map and gives people a lot of flat space where they can role-play being a traffic cone or something.

The map is really awesome… but I’ve some missing textures at the petrol station.

Oh, I’ve just read that his is an older version… but in anyway great map

That Joe’s piano bar could use a better custom texture.

Otherwise the map in itself looks pretty nice.

Epic, thanks for that. I’ll get to work with Arpeggi right away.

Also, the crate-spawner worked for me when I tested the map… not too sure what’s going on there. It should spawn universal pistol ammo.

I still think you should decrease the amount of road space on this map. One way to do it would be to find blocks that have very few structures on them and linking the blocks together. You can still have alleyways or dirt roads connecting various streets but just try to keep in mind that paving a road is actually quite an expensive process and in rural areas they usually don’t pave streets unless they have to. So naturally they wouldn’t make it so that every building has its own block.

Again, this map has relatively severe GTA syndrome and I think it could work out quite nicely if you converted some of the unnecessary road space into lots for buildings or backyards or stuff like that since that way it would better match the atmosphere you’re trying to convey.

Yeah, we’re working on it now. Thanks for your advice, it is really appreciated- I think we on the right lines now :).

The only problem I have with this map is that I can’t play it with more than 10 fps.