Download here: http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=73151

Download here: http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=73151

Whoo. Finally released! How long were you working on this?
Good job! I like the architectural detail on the smaller building =)

this is motherfucking motherfucking

Holy shit, that is nice. I didn’t expect to see something so well made when I clicked the link from the front page.

Good job!

I worked on this for a week or more and then I stopped working on it.

Recently I decided to finish it because I didn’t want to just leave it lying around in my folders. :v:

Awesome map.

Very nice. Lighting is impressive as always, and overall well done!

The architecture and lighting is extremely good, and blockiness is not seen. Layout is good, however a 3D skybox with “endless” water would be nice.

Very nice map, The architecture is really good!

GJ on this map.


Finally! Something original!

Very nicely done map, original idea, a keeper in my newly re-installed gmod.

It actually looks good. If i have to say something bad about it, then the grass area looks empty, and it looks unrealistic with so many cables running to the house.

But what is original about this map, just curious?

Overall an above average map :slight_smile:

Beautiful… Extremely so. I love those curvesly walls… Wish someone would show me how to do that. I Am under the impression that they just use vertex editor and the clipping tool, but boy is that alot of work the way I tried.

Also, VERY nice interiors. The map is just generally wonderful… No, if it had a couple more hallways underground, possibly extending into the water, that housed small apartments and a Jail type place, it’d be GREAT for realistic roleplay.

I don’t mean to say add those, as it’s great how it is.

The interior was near perfect.

Everything about this map is perfect. I must ask though, how much of the water is accessible?

I believe it is mostly just cylindric brushes vertex manipulated into corners and pieced together.

Nice detail inside. It is nice to see that you added details with brushes and not just prop spam.

Good work.

This reminds me of an old Soviet bunker/lab thing.
Or that might be the music i’m listening to.

Eh, either way, awesome.
Add an old painted soviet flag somewhere and a record player playing above music and i’ll love you fur evur

This is quite an amazing map.