Hello facepunchers my name is Mapnoob1994 and I have made a new map for you guys!

It’s called rp_assault and it is a modified version of the famous cs_assault from Counter Strike Source.

Link avaliable at ------> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842494453

It has new features such as a:

-Police Station
-Fire Station
-Old apartments
-Lots of factories
-A Gas Station
-And a Extended Bridge

Here are some screenshots to tease you with!

This took me just about 3 months to make! I hope you like it. Comment below to give me any criticism so I can improve on it later.

Your brush work is bad, your map is bland to maybe add some more unique elements. Three months :v:

Your comment is bad, your post lacks substance. Maybe add some constructive insight that isn’t vague and would leave a new mapper directionless and discouraged.

For example:

Hey Mapnoob! You’ve got a good start on a map. I have some suggestions for improvements you could make:
-Most cities aren’t that dark at night. See if you can’t add more lights around the streets and illuminate windows on the buildings. Take a look at some pictures of city streets at night to get some ideas. Do an image search for “street night”.
-A lot of the buildings there look very simple in shape. See if you can’t look at some pictures of buildings to get an idea of what makes them interesting. Do an image search for “street buildings”.
-In cities, the horizon is filled with buildings. It looks like you’re hiding it with fog, but it’d look much better if you could fill the nonplayable areas with buildings that have illuminated windows. An image search for “city horizon night” should give you some direction on what it should look like.
-Your last shot looks quite bare. I’d suggest doing image searches for things like “city back alley” and “city vacant lot” to get some ideas on how to detail it and the surrounding buildings.


I’ll take a look at the map once I get home and give ya my thoughts on it.

EDIT: Here’s my in depth analysis of the map.

I’d suggest extending the fog back at bit so the wall thats semi concealed behind this fog is visible

This traintrack’s lighting will need to be fixed. Also some pipes have some odd lighting.

These windows act as if its very bright outside where its not so you might wanna fix that.

Same for this airduct that is acting as if theres a sun shining down into it when there isn’t.

This vent when people try to exit get stuck due to the end bit being to close to the ceiling, so I would make the ending further away. Also it seems the ends are displacements making people inside of it being able to see outside. You should change that.

Make this garage door close say after 3-5 seconds as its a bit awkward to aim at the floor to close it.

The light prop inside this phonebooth isn’t bright enough to represent the amount of lighting inside of it. Also make the light a bit yellow.

Make these garage door buttons on the front of the wall not on the side

Put a light here as it is very awkward why that spot is dark whilst the rest of the room is bright.

Raise the light so it’s closer to the roof, also I would remove the rope that attaches to it.

Quite alot of bathrooms aren’t very well detailed, perhaps add some more props and features. Here is a couple of examples.

There’s some smoke coming from this floor.

This door’s texture is a bit wierd, also that door is a bit big I suggest making it thinner.

Add a small stand to the base of this so it looks a bit more realisitic

This light is on but theres no light being emitted, might wanna add a light or light_spot.

Alot of windows, doors and mirrors don’t have frames around them, I would suggest adding frames to them to look more realistic.

This door is out of proportions, I would make it far thinner.

This glass is far to thick, I would thin it. Also some parts aren’t alligned.

This prop is exhibiting some wierd lighting.

The tunnels seem to exhibit some pink and black texture.

This wall is nocollided along with the ceiling bit.

The edge of this wall is a brick material whilst the rest is not, I would fix that.

Overall it’s got some good concepts but theres alot of small fine tuning that is needed. IF you intend for this map to be used for RP, I would perhaps add more underground areas, remove that car that drives around and remove those health stations, ammo crate entities and get rid of all NPC’s.
Alot of the windows are disproportionate and should be smaller and thinner, hope this helps and goodluck. Your map is a little bit bland, I would suggest adding decals to walls to make it look more appealing

Thank you very much on your criticism guys! I’ll try to update it this weekend!

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Wow I didn’t think there were that many mistakes. Silly me. I’ll get to work this weekend. The only thing id say I may not be able to fix is the traintracks dude to the way the props lit but everything else I’ll definitely redo.

What a knob.

100% - you’re a hero for taking the criticisms well. I see too many mappers just starting out making a crap ton of excuses for things that are objectively not desirable. Keep it up, mate!

I think you forgot a image cause this is the same image as the last one you put a link to. I wonder which prop it is. :confused:

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It’s funny cause I was that guy a few months ago but I took a break and started fresh to rebuild myself. This year honesty and patience are going to be my key thing to work on. So far it seems its already paying off! I don’t want to be anything like that Robert Romine guy from Digital Homicide. And looking at the way I used to be it makes me think I was like Robert Romine…

I was gonna say…

Your mapping skill is about the same, but at least you’re handling the criticisms better so that’s something.

I see you uncovered the dirty carpet. :smug: I was wondering what took ya. We’ll see how long it takes our mutual friend. :smile:

Didn’t expect to see you back here, lyosea! Good on you for taking the criticism as it’s intended: constructively!

Call me Mapnoob1994 from now on please. Yes I will try to move forward with my mapping. I’ll release an update tomorrow.

look forward to play testing it for ya

Okay guys I updated the map…1 hour and 36 minutes too late but its here. I have added custom decals to the map as well as working on the loft apartment. It’s about 90% finished. I also fixed any bugs that AGoose mentioned. I know it’s not that much of an improvment but that’s alright. P.S I would like some help on knowing how I can pack custom textures to my map. I made a thread relating to the problem and I hope at least one person can help me. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1549602&p=51706810#post51706810

Hey uh did ya play test the map yet? It’s been a week and one day? I changed a few things since then. Not much though.