rp_atoll (WIP)

Started this map back in 2010 for a contest and it sat untouched for most of that time. Wasn’t planning on making a thread, but could use ideas for it, as I’ve never released an RP map despite everybody asked I make an RP version of gm_susquehanna (it’s not happening.) Initially a micro-nation contest entry, it has a number of usable homes, a medical building, communications building that serves as the spawn point, some sort of office, a lighthouse, a war bunker and a maintenance bunker. This map is set in modern times, but the island was developed around the middle 20th century, so it’s a mix of WWII-era foundations and newer cheap buildings.


Apologies for Hammer screenshot

Despite the age, I consider this map to be in an early stage and probably won’t be released for another half-year to a year. I’d like to see if there is any interest in it first, but I’d like to finish it eventually just to call it done.

Looks awesome! The small community and winding paths remind me of oskutin’s old maps, like rp_suo. I like how colorful it is too! If you ever want to use more palm trees feel free to use the ones I ported.

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A cave might be cool somewhere.

Hey I remember this map! If you need a skybox I have a bunch here

Actually this map used to have one of your skyboxes and I can’t find it anymore, unless it’s on that site and I do not recognize it. Do you still have it around?

Get this released when you can I wanna use this for a little event me and another mod wanna cook up. :~)

No rush.

You can’t rush beauty.

No unfortunately I don’t have that one around anymore. Quite an older one. If its anything to go off of,

This one I took while at a beach.

I will likely use that one instead.

I’m late to reply, but where are these from? I try not to use content from other games if I can help it, especially if I don’t know who to credit, seems indecent.

Also, a cave sounds like a really neat idea and I’d love to try that.

Looks awesome, I don’t know why but as soon as I saw “Atoll” I expected Ape Atoll from Runescape lol.

Lookin pretty slick, a playable version would be gold