This is a map based of the GOW2 map Avalanche, its not a copy its an idea :smiley:

Street 1 (“shopping center”): 40%
Street 2: 0%
Street 3: 0%
Outland: 0%
avalanche: 0%
skybox: :v:

Yeah, i just started, Heres some screenies





Looks alright…
They wouldn’t share a roof and have gaps though.
Obviously, it needs lighting.

Honestly, i wouldn’t say that the street is 50% done.
Proabably more… 25…

Looks promising none the less…
Hope it works.

Kind of blocky… Actually the roof is the only thing that doesn’t look like a block and it’s still blocky.

Looks like something I’d have expected out of Team Fortress Classics’ AdminOP servers (IS I own an AdminOP server after like 7 years :3:)

How can i improve the “blockyness”

Add more detail in, such as posters and pictures.

Add more geometry, such as pillars and frames.

Add more to take your eyes away from JUST the wall.



well, you have your basic tehniques down, may i suggest saving this map until you are more experienced.
I am NOT insulting you, please, don’t say i am, but i can tell from your pictures that you are quite new to mapping, may i suggest you work on a build map, and not an rp map, because look at that, and ask yourself these:
Does the glass texture work?
Would a vent fill a whole building?
do roads look like that?
do doors look like that?
Are houses made from that type of wood.

Answers to most of those, is no, but you have GOOD basic mapping skill.
I highly recommend you putting this aside till you are a pro, and working on a build map or a posing map for now.

Hope i helped you realise the flaws, and inspired you.
either that, or i offended you well bad.

keep it up

I’m completeley rebuilding the buildings, they dont fit prop_door_rotating


i ahve some old work you can see, lemmi fetch the link its probably on the last page



What do you mean they don’t fit prop door rotating?

and surely, if you mean the gap where the door should be, just edit the size of the gap, not the whole building.

the door model i wanted doesn’t fit, and after reading your message i realised it was bad ( i knew before but i was bored and i quit)


out of these woods whats best?




Ah right, ok, my advice to you

Make the active texture “nodraw” then create your building, then apply the textures as and when necessary just on the inside, see how the inside looks, then pimp the outside, with better textures, - the other woodfloor textures are much better, that one you used should literally only be on floors.

Glad you are progressing.

just updated the new pics do you like?

Yea, it’s better, but, it still doesn’t look right. Like, have you ever seen a house loko like that, you have the basic idea down good, but you are letting it down with the texturing.
Add Lights

Im running it on CS:S now and it sorta goes off after about 1min… i need help

What does it say?
Something random like server going down or something?
Mine does that.

yeah, its a bitch isnt it?

you should use the EP2 hammer, its 1293085432 times better.

i know it is but i want some of the models… and textures >:|

Get GCFscape and extract the CSS models and textures and then dump them into EP2s models and materials folders.