rp_badlands [WiP] (Need a WiP Icon)

|Coming Soon!|

I’m currently developing a new map, created specifically for the Live In Fear RP community, named rp_badlands. You can expect this map on the Live in Fear Fallout 3 RP server around the middle-end of August. You can see the progress of the map in this thread, and a few screens as well.
(To prevent stealing, NO download will be provided.)

Check List

Basic Environment - - - In Progress
Optimization - - - Always In Progress


The bridge. Also the center of the map.

Harvey’s Gas Station.

Overview of an earlier version. Not actual map size.

Overview of the town.

An angled side view from the inside of the town.

A closer look at the detailed front wall of the town.

(NOTE: This map has only been in development for a week. What you see, may not be what is entirely finished.


I forgot to mention: Don’t expect a public release of this map right away. You can play it on Live in Fear RP’s server upon it’s release. Maybe if people like it enough (and if it doesn’t get leaked out enough beforehand) I’ll release a public download.

You know that the maps get downloaded from the server, right?


Also, the map looks sweet. Make sure you mess with the lighting, and compile it with HDR.

how did the trains get there when there are no tracks nearby?
why would you ruin working trains :argh:

I expected something with Team Fortress.
Regardless, looks awesome.

I thought this was a rp port for the TF2 map Badlands >:(

And I forgot that badlands was a TF2 map.

nice looking, but make the wall around the town move believable… as in things people could actually move over to it to make it… like not trains.

As in, I’m adding train tracks, and this map is still not even a third done.

Why are there cars planted in the ground?

The ground in the last picture looks… repetitive IMO. You should change it :stuck_out_tongue: