[release][tab]Name:[/tab] rp_bahamut

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Previously known as rp_spaceship

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] The ability to unpack a RAR file, above-average PC

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=849

[tab]Possibility of future update:[/tab] 0%

Big w00ts go out to Saiteki for his gravity script and to DaApocalypse for being my covert beta-tester and/or blowjob slut.

NOTE: This needs to be downlaoded as a RAR to work properly. Put this in your MOTD if you’re hosting a server:

If you are seeing a whole bunch of pink squares, go and download the full RAR file from Facepunch.

Also, make sure you download both the skybox RAR file AND the main map RAR file. That’s because I’m a forgetful oaf and forgot to put the skybox materials in the main RAR, and I’m too lazy to reupload 10 MB on my shitty connection.

Well, it’s finally here. Took me a while, and I’m sorry that it didn’t live up to what I hyped it to be originally. I apologize in advance for any bugs that I may have missed, and I may or may not get around to fixing them. To be honset with you, I’m sick and tired of working on this map, waiting 3 minutes for Hammer to open it up, half a minute for any entity to be created, and all the toher laggy bullshit related to huge maps. I’m probably gonna work on my onslaught map next. Anyways, here are some screenies for all those who are just joining us:

And if you feel this is at least worthy of a thanks, don’t be a stranger :smiley:

Okay, here comes additional info/FAQ:

  • “How I overload reactor?”

    • To do that, you’ll need at least 3 people. Two go to the side-consoles in the reactor room, one goes to the center override room. The vent override switch will be covered withtwo layers of shielding. The two side consoles each remove one layer of shielding, then the main switch is pulled. Then, the vents in the reactor open for 15 seconds. Then one of the people at the side consoles or a 4th person down below throw a grenade into the vents, Halo style. Enjoy the fireworks.
  • “So I’ve blown up the ship. Is there a reset switch?”

    • Yes there is, it’s right under the reactor, You’ll probalby have to noclip in order to get to it, though, sorry.
  • “Are the escape pods controllable?”
    -Yes they are, but theyre a bit tricky to control, due to the alck of stabilization and the awkward view. Also, noone like an asshole who takes a whole pod for themselves and takes off without his friends :smiley:

  • “What’s that weird cylinder laying around the main hangar?”

    • That’s the SatCam, sends an image to the screen on the Bridge.
  • “You dumbass, you forgot to label the hangar spawnables!”

    • A thousand pardons, my Lord. Left to right, they are: shield generator, plasma pulse cannon, oxygen generator, shipspawner powercore.
  • “Powercore, you say? What is that used for?”

    • Slump it into one of the ports on the two miniship spawners to activate the customization/spawning system.

It is here!

Awesome, you probably threw EVERYBODY off with the name.

Oh snap.



good god!

It through me off that’s for sure.

Wow. This map looks like a total piece of

Awesome Godliness!! I’m going to click the ‘5’ button until my finger goes numb.

drops dead due to happiness poisoning
This thread will be filled to the top with Posts saying “awesome Map Lazer!!!1one” etc.

All right, spacey bliss, here I come!

Good job Lazer!

I had it first, I feel SO special! It said '0 Downloads" When I downloaded it, Oh my god this is the best day in my life :D!!!

Amazing map.

Lazer, you my friend are a genius!


Can someone post pic of memorial, i can’t play the map, crys like a baby*


Sure as hell threw me off.

Oh yeah, people. Almost forgot about making the server.

Name: SHS Spaceship Server
Password: Bahamut
Max players: 16

Oh yeah, and is Bahamut taken from Final Fantasy?