RP_Bangclaw - New roleplay map for the masses

Just gonna leave this here.

After hundreds of hours spent on mapping, learning, designing and redesigning. RP_Bangclaw is finally done!

The intention was to compete with the very beloved RP_downtown_V2. Or atleast become an alternative to people that want something new!

The map features :

  • Quite high skybox. Allowing for roof climbing and even helicopter flying!
  • Lots of buildings and rooms, aswell as a small neighbourhood.
  • Big underground system and a part with a more “horror” type feeling.
  • A window respawn system to prevent windows from being broken forever.
  • Custom sounds and soundscapes.
  • A seamless brushworked 3d skybox.
  • An easter egg.





Note : This map requires CS:S to work properly.

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