rp_bb_city_of_the_lost (Working Name)

A few of you may remember BB Roleplay several years ago, who used to host one of the most popular servers about. In recent years we’ve gone very quiet, but we’re still about.
The original RP script we used was DarkRP based and we also ran City 45 as well. The past few years, we’ve been re-trying to get RP back within the BB community with limited success – so about a year ago, we scrapped everything and started anew.

What we intend on doing is creating a unique RP experience from the ground up – however we hit into an issue in the respect we couldn’t find an RP map that fitted what we needed. The issue we found with most RP maps is that you’re often just confined to a few streets in the city with a pretty skybox above your head – I understand there are sources limitations, but we thought we’d try something new.

The idea behind our map is the be small on the outside, whilst large inside – this means whilst we’ll have only a few buildings, pretty much the whole of the building will be explore-able (Within reason). What we also wanted was an RP map which felt open, instead of the usual skybox on top of your head.

A lot of the current ‘issues’ are often done in good optimisation practice, but we thought we’d pick up source and twist its arm instead – with some good results whilst maintaining good performance.
I’ll let the pictures show what we’re working on (Hopefully something that hasn’t been done before), however ALL of the buildings in that picture are / will be enterable. The two skyscrapers are about 40% enterable each – all other buildings which aren’t covered in Dev textures are 100% enterable.

I’m not saying current RP maps are bad by any standard – in fact, they’re some of the best maps, in my opinion, that you can find on the source engine. By us trying something new, you can probably see that aesthetically, we did suffer in some areas – but also bear in mind, this is a heavy WIP. We also hit a lot of documented engine limits and a number of undocumented one – for example, we do not have the resources to do proper cubemaps or to put sprites on every light.

A lot of the textures are custom ones. So if you spot one that is yours and you do not want it in the map, let me know and I’ll remove it – also let me know if it’s yours so I can properly credit. I WILL be crediting all the authors (Where I can actually track them down) of the textures in the final product via an in game billboard.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11013411/Screenshots%20to%20show/police_station_a30004_TN.jpg [/release]

Q. Can I have a copy?
A. Nope

Q. What’s the release date?
A. When it’s done!

Q. Can the map support Helicopters?
A. Yes! You can fly a Helicopter freely around the map; you will only hit the skybox if you fly very high or far out to the sea.

Q. Who made the shitty models?
A. Me

Q. Why post this?
A. We’ve been secretive about what we’ve been working on for a while, so we thought we’d show people what we’re working on. It also allows people to give their feedback.

Q. Do you have a development blog?
A. Sure! It’s http://bbservers.co.uk/dblog/

Map consists so far of:

1049 Lights
408 doors
87 Area Portals
3145 Static Props
6762 Entities (Very close to the 8k VBSP limit)

And it’s only about 50% done!

So you’re close to hitting the 8k limit and you’re only 50% done?
Sounds like you’re in trouble, then!

I’ve already got plans if I do hit the limit, so it shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve got quite a number of plans (Some less appealing then others) for when we do hit limits.

Looks like a great map, OP. Just don’t ruin it with DarkRP.

We’re not planning to.