Some of you may have seen some of my water-glass texture work. Based on the popularity of this, I’ve decide to make an entire map from it, a la Bioshock. I know there has been many attempts in the past, but I’ve got my mind set on finishing this.

First, let’s start off with some pictures.


pics from the Pimpage thread






Lord Pirate has also been helping by making some art-deco style brush work:

The Grand Hall from the top of the stairs. It’s really not too grand yet (I gotta put more details in).:


Looking up at the stairs…


Side View


Look at that ocean…


Yay for unaligned textures and no smoothing groups!


I’ve also been working out some map-mechanics. First is the Circus of Values. You can press 3 buttons to get a pepbar, soda, or some chips. You can then press use on them to eat them (om nom nom). I also created a job out of this by making them run out of stock, so someone will have to put a battery or something in a special slot to resupply the vending machine.

I can also make a mechanic from the plasmid system. I’ll most likely need someone who is really good in Lua, but if that does not happen I can code it myself. Models as of now are not an issue.

The Machine Gun is also done. I can post pictures of that later.

If you want to help, you can post some ideas for buildings, art, game mechanics, shops, surprises, secrets, textures, or anything else you can think of. I plan on updating this post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Betas can be arranged later in production.

Also, I know how to use the particle editor pretty well, so expect to see a lot of custom water leaking effects.
Update: 9/8


I just finished this. Yes, I know the white light is too bright (Fixed!) (I also have HDR compiled and on), but I really am loving that blue neon.


Bathybox Demo!
Press lever to begin! Wait a few seconds for it to start up.
You need this too.
Put that in your base folder.
My bad, I forgot the skybox.

Compiled with HDR, and I’ve only tested it with ep2.

someone already tried this and got very far…I do not remember who…But he also had custom textures and shit.

I’m pretty sure it may have been PLing. I dunno what ever happen to that though.


Green water D:

Can you make a bluish version of the green glass-water?

I would like to have that sexy texture…

The water in Bioshock is actually green, but not this much.

On my 360 it was blue as fuck.

I must have bad eyes?

You might be color blind? Or your T.V is messed up. Google an image to see.

You probably live in the US, where you have your silly Never The Same Colour standard. Try correcting the tint.




I think it was better blue.

Everyone have an agree!

Have you got a layout in mind? It needs to flow good and have alot of RP facility’s.

I’m hopeful there’s going to be a little airlock where you can go into the outside ocean.

Ehhh, that won’t be too possible :frowning: BUT I do plan on having little sub-shuttles transporting players around.

You should rip some sounds from the intro of bioshock, that would be a nice little thing.

Maybe you could throw a song or two from bioshock in somewhere.

…Little doggy in the window?

It seems a bit…off.

Too gree, give it a bit of a blue tint. Looks incredible so far, you should tell us how your doing that great water rippling effect. Be sure to add Bubbles (As in spheres of air ;))

I agree with the bubbles, something with smokestack, or a custom particle.

Mind if I steal the water tank idea in the first picture? I want to test lighting and sprites with it.

What makes it not too possible? I know how it could be done. (I think)

The map was called rp_rapture by EvilDead19. That was one epic map. To bad it died. :frowning:

Here is a link to the original thread:

All it has to be is a water chamber that fills up with water, then unlocks a door, and you can go outside, then a trigger outside the door closes and locks the door, and the chamber stays dry.