Rp_blackmesa_source [Redone]

Hey guys,

Some of you might remember my first attempt at this, needless to say it didn’t go very well… Anyway, I have been giving it another shot, I think it looks a lot better than the first version.

A few screenies:

Transit Station.

The blast door leading into the main lab area.


Airlock leading to the lobby.

One of the many lab areas.

A fuel storage room passed by the tram.


A warehouse that the tram passes through.

I would appreciate some Comments & Criticism on this, And I will post more screenshots as I take them.


Special thanks:

Cameron:D, For making the water leak particle effect.
Provenance mod team, For making the transit car.

Not to be a dick… But it looks pretty blocky.

It looks nice.

Few criticisms;
-That desk looks strange.
-WAY small.

I was trying to folow the style of “Functional Underground Lab”. But I can smooth out a few areas.

What about the desk makes you think “Strange”? And do you mean small as in lack of areas or are the rooms too small?

I like the looks of it, that cable running across the floor in the third screen shot looks weird, though.

Why would you quote the whole OP?

I agree it has a pretty weird texture, and I disabled shadowing on it otherwise the floor turns black, but I wanted some sort of filler, I’ll see if i can find anything else that would fit in.

The rooms seem small.

And the desk… I’m not sure how to describe it.

It’s too clean. Throw some overlays on that shit.

That is looking pretty awesome in my opinion. I love the look of it and how you managed to decrease the size of all those major rooms so much and still adding your own custom detail design (Detail that was nonexistant in HL1)

Aren’t laboratorys usually spotlessly clean?

First pics don’t look too much like a laboratory. More like a storage/garage thing.

Looks nice but as one guy said its too small.

I like the transit station, but maybe extend the room so the walkway is longer? Also, I remember that room being darker. Overall though it’s looking cool!

Cool, I would like seeing this be finished.

This isn’t actually modelled after sector C where half-life takes place, i have drawn some inspiration from it but toherwise it’s a fictional area of the facility (fictional area of a fictional facility?)

I sort of wanted to make that area more industrialized, what you can’t see in that pic is a cargo elevator leading from the tram platform to the bottom floor warehouse.

Most of the stuff seems slightly undersized. E.G. that lobby if I can make out from that screenshot, is very small.

I like it, you got some potential here. Just tweak your lights a bit.
But that power cable in the first picture should be a bit slacker. Right now it looks really rigid, try making it just a bit slacker(for that realistic look).

Added more slack to the rope, updated picture.

Can I see the old one again?

why would you have a hanging rope at all? will the trams not hit it and take out the lights?

Make a bunch with slack but make them look bolted to the wall or something.