My first map:


this is an rp map designed for my own gamemode, MesaRP.

textures it uses are from:


i might release another version some time

drop into my server to play with mesarp:

=mesarp= Builders League United Aussie Server

(i would put the ip but it changes, working to fix :frowning: )


the dark energy core form episode 1

a tram system
a security station with cctv
an incinerator
a small kitchen
lots of labs and office space
lobby alarm button




Screenshots? Anyone?


I also think you are in the wrong place, man.

  1. wow that was fast
  2. im getting screenshots as soon as my gmod stops crashing
  3. i thought so to i jus clicked on the forums button on garrysmod.org (if its in the wrong place can a mod move it?)

I use Ticker.
That’s unfortunate.
A Mod should eventually come down here to straighten it out.

Judging from the fact that this your first upload, i don’t think it will be very good.

Why is there a combine screen in black mesa?

lacking a black mesa research facility texture im hoping it gives the impression of a map of the facility sort of thing

Yeah you might not want to call it Black mesa source, it may give people the wrong impression.

Keep working on it though! you will look back at this later and improvements will occur rapidly.

I hate it.

dont use it then.

In short, it looks nothing like Black Mesa.

What the fuck is this?

To be honest I can’t tell what anything is. Work on your own textures, and never upload your first map. And we already have a very good black mesa map. Like loyal to the original.

I can only tell what this is because we spend a life time on that tram. Lunchbox. Whatever the fuck it is.

i only uploaded this so people can use it on my server, and made the thread because i wanted feedback, which ive certainly got.


  1. you act as if sector c is the only place in black mesa, this is not sector c. it is an imagine dplace in black mesa.

  2. i am aware of the other black mesa map, i created this so i could have one with source textures.

  3. i was going to make a v2 that would include more detail on trams and such, aswell as being bigger, but im sorely tempted to bugger the whole thing now

Yes. Please do.

Try some constructive criticism, at least the OP is trying to make something unlike you lazy bums.

Screenshot 1 - I remember a Black Mesa sign texture in the texture directory , try looking into it . Also if you have CS source , you could probably add in some of it’s crazy machinery

Screenshot 2 - Work on the train model a bit and move the tram schedule sign to where someone could logically reach it . (For instance , the person installing the sign, or perhaps a repairman)

Screenshot 3 - CS source has some lockers models in it that you can place in place of your current ones. You could try changing the texture to a diffrent color. Secondly , try to get rid of the blue squares on the metal texture

Screenshot 4-6 have textures from Aperature Science, scrap those and replace them. I’m not quite sure what the ball is in screenshot 5. Keep in mind that Black Mesa is a research facility, try to place things that would logically go in a research facility

Screenshot 7 - Replace locker texture with model lockers

Screenshot 8 - Establish a theme in the area. I see a quite abrupt change from the hallway texture to the room texture . The room’s wall texture should not appear in the hall, so try to switch it out

Screenshot 9 - Add props , the space is empty

Good luck Mr OP, don’t let the jerks get you down. If you want , I could try to help you out

hmm, i might go back to work on v2 with these things in consideration, whats your steam id? ill take all the help i can get.

P.S the ball is meant to be the core, it turned out bad im rmeoving it in v2, also, in screenie 9, its meant to be an area you furnish yourself

Don’t be so harsh, it’s his first release. If you don’t like it, then make your own. Some advice, don’t stretch textures. Try to find or create textures that fit with the area. Another word of advice, Some stuff is too block and needs to be rounded out.

yeah, i thought so too, im hoping to remove all these in v2 if i can…

Don’t scrap the core, just rework it

For one , I would try to make the distance to the bottom of that room greater , it seems disconcerting to have the toxic sludge so close to the walkway. Also I would try seperating the ball from the rest of the room it’s probably full of radioactivity or whatnot . I’d also try to add in some computers in the room so people can regulate the power flow in the core . I’ll draw up a sketch to PM you later that may work as a room design

yeah i found what was wrong with the core, apparently it has to be at an exact set of coordinates, i tried it and it looks jus lik ethe one in ep1, so im gonna build the core room first then build around it becaus eit all has to be exact.