[release] [tab]Name:[/tab] rp_boulevard

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] A map taken from “Get a Life”, made RP-able by me.


[tab]Required games:[/tab] CSS/HL2/Maybe HL2EP2


Hey guys. Okay, first off, this isn’t COMPLETELY my map, I took it from the mod “Get a Life”.
BUT, I added alot of stuff so you can RP in it. I also combined 2 maps together into 1 map.
So, let’s say 5-10% credits go to me and 90% to the mod’s creators.

-Two 2-floor houses
-Office room
-Fast Food restaurant
-A VERY good subway system
-6 subway stations
-A hardware shop

and more.


Mods, if this isn’t allowed, you can remove this thread.

Looks cool. Now to ask the question that pisses everyone off:
Did you get permission from the original creators?

I tried to contact, but got no answer, I personally think they don’t give a shit, the mod’s old.
I don’t even understand why people care do people have the permission to release a map they didn’t make completely.
I wouldn’t care less if someone modified my maps.

looks hot from the pics

You should atleast put their names in the credits.


That is hot.

My gmod crashed when i shot the bench in the sub =/

I’m sure you would care.

Generally if they don’t reply, then don’t release it until you get permission. Do not assume. Anyway, how did you get the vmf if not from the original creators?

Doesn’t look so big but it does look *very *pretty.

I really don’t like that you took their work changed it a little and re released it. Maybe it’s time “You Get A Life”. Anyways applause to the original artist, it looks nice, but I won’t be downloading it and I hope no one else does either.

Its just a fucking map… Why cant people accept, When people make things it’s going to be stolen in any way possible. So don’t think that its always ask this person ask that person, Who gives a fuck its just map and its a cool one at that so don’t you think that life isn’t about stealing when you steal everyday. so give it a rest its a fucking map. OK… OK.

I remember playing that Mod the start was very amazing and well done. I don’t like the stealing other people work but I do like what OP has done with this one.

He probably decompiled it…

Hey look you’re part of the problem! :smiley: You see us mappers make this stuff for free because we like doing it. I personally have been mapping for years for this game. My work is not yours or anyone’s to dismantle and use however they want. You may play it in the form it is in and distribute it in the same form as it is in. That’s it though. Apparently your one of those kids that never learned morals. Also your post is very hard to follow, filled with bad grammar, punctuation, capitalization errors, and fragmented sentences. Oh and I for one don’t steal everyday.

As for the OP. I suggest getting permission somehow before doing this again. It took me a while to get a reply back from the Toronto Conflict team so I could use a few models and textures but I got in touch with them and they gave me permission. Hell they even got free advertising in my map for their mod.

Oh, the strange analogy that Intellectual Property is. On the one hand, it took effort to arrange the bits to make this map, and his hard work shouldn’t be stolen! On the other, a map isn’t a physical thing that can be stolen, only copied, once published.

Would it be considered stealing if I have a computer-like photographic memory and I put his map into my head, then went into hammer and mapped it out exactly as I had played it? I mean, that’s exactly what I’m doing with gm_blitzball which is a copy of something made by some shmuck at Square-Enix! The copying process may be long and imperfect, but it’s still “stealing” in the sense of IP.

Then again, a man should be rewarded for his hard work! And he should be able to use the product of his creation however he likes. But is IP a physical product? No. It is difficult to hold an easily-copyable product to the laws of supply and demand economics, because they supply is virtually limitless!

Ok wow, I’m ranting. Point is, it’s tough to say “don’t steal” something that isn’t physical. It’s even tougher to enforce. So Samantha Fangs and Sgt.Sgt, please don’t VMEX my releases and call them your own, but if you do there’s about jack shit I can do about it. IMHO, you can’t quite call it stealing. Maybe copying? I’m still not sold on the ethical nature of copyrighting non-physical information.

I once spent 6 months on a map. I don’t mind people using my work as long as they ask first. The last thing i would want is a gm_submerged_fixed version floating around garrysmod with all the water removed because the person couldn’t rerig it and massive leaks caused by the dodgy decompiling process.

Your attitude is part of the problem. We do NOT live in a communist state, people make things for people to enjoy, but their hard work should be rewarded by not nicking all their stuff. Music is being pulled off free streaming sites, games devs are having to shut down. Don’t bring your attitude to mapping too.

Essentially…ASK FIRST. If they are cool with you using the map, they would probably give you the vmf if they had it, so decompiling would not have to take place.

And technically, they could get you for copyright theft if they really wanted to.

I wanna see you dedicating a big amount of time/work just to see it being scattered and shitted all over.

This is why I don’t publicly release my tweaked versions of maps. Private releases is where it’s at. You get to avoid all of this.