Okay this map is done after a year of work. I hope someone likes it and uses it.

Map Features:

  • 24 Walkable Buildings
  • 3 Scenery Buildings
  • Custom models and textures and stuff
  • Radar Map (Not sure if this works in GMod?)
  • City Hall complete with Mayor’s Office, Courtroom, Jail, Shooting Range, and Interrogation Room
  • Bank, Church, Warehouse, Maaco Car Repair, Underground Bar, BP Gas Station, other stuff
  • Small offroading area
  • HDR


I encourage you to extract my custom textures and props from the map and use them in your own maps.

Road Texture: Jukka K

If you want a drivable version of the police cars you see in screen 7, here is the link:

Very Nice map! Glad you released.

Nice work!

Epic, i’ll be using it on my server. Possibly DarkRP, I don’t know.

It’s on my server now!

Cool, thanks!! I joined and checked it out. You should give City Hall doors to the police//mayor team.

Is it just me or is the lighting REALLY… Bright…

The custom touches are nice, and overall it looks good.

But it’s a little simplistic, maybe it’s just me. Everything seems very flat and squared-off

It’s not you.

How do I lower the lighting, like in the screens, or are they from Hammer?

I feel like I saw a WIP of this a looong time ago. Probably not, but it’s a nice map anyway. I would recommend toning the light down a bit though.

It looks nice, especially the buildings and roads are done well.

But the outer edges like the cliffs and such look a bit boring to me, some parts even repetitive.

Looks very nice. i love the Beach view.
i might consider using this map for my server.


My Server is running the map.
20 slots ::

Can you make the impala a spawnable vehicle for other maps?


Good release.

Textures repeating…textures repeating…textures repeating…

Otherwise it looks great.

I have to words for this, Holy Shit!

Missing Textures in the club, I remember the tables having pink and black checkers. And it’s a bit too bright, hurt my eyes.

I like it.

Uploading it to my server at the moment. Will be on the fastdl!
Running DarkRP with custom banking, no pointless jobs, realistic gun prices(soon to come)!
mogeyq.co.cc:27015 is the ip if that doesn’t work use this:

Edit: Bzipping it for FastDL

Edit2: Its up on the server!