Rp_cargotown download?

does anyone have the map Rp_cargotownb7 or rp_cargotown_b7? i cant find it anywhere and its an awesome map i used to love sawing a Jeep and punting a dumpster on the back and when another player left here house id go in steal EVERYTHING that wasn’t welded down and take it to the underground base at the bridge
please some one must have it

Look it up?


You say that in every post, yet you don’t actually help. Since when has the phrase “Google it” ever fixed someone’s problems? They aren’t dumbasses, they know how to use a search engine. If you actually try to search for it, you’ll find out it has absolutely no results that will take you to any download or even an in depth mention of the map.

thank you for clearing it up for the little noob

I’ve been here since 2005 i think i would know to post on here is a last resort

Oh I LOVED this map! But ever since I had to clean out my addons and maps recently, rp_cargotown went down the toilet along with other brilliant maps. If I still had it, I wouldn’t want to upload it, because someone might think that it’s a re-upload or something. But I agree, we need that map back on garrysmod.org

I think I remember it, can anyone post a few pictures of it?

Holy shit, I think I found it (I’m at my grandpa’s PC right now, can’t test it). Here’s the link…

Holy buttfuck it is…