rp_central17 v3 / v4 / rp_city18 source release


http://thedigitalsoul.net/maps.zip City18 / City45, with permission from humiliation.


Please credit the authors for these.

Feel free to make permutations of them.

Are these decompiled?

No pics no clicks

No, they’re not decompiled. I’m one of the authors of Central17, Humiliation contributed the other maps there.

I’d like to see pictures before I download it. I’m sure I can speak for everyone in here.

There only Vmf’s, And they arent virus’s either. As i downloaded all of them.

Pictures can be found here.

Images work on that one, just click them.

Or you can just post them in [noparse][/noparse]

Oh god, rp_central17 is like a concrete jungle.

thanks bro

your really stubborn. He gave you links, stop being a ass.

Wasn’t the C18 vmf already released sometime ago?

I looked at the pictures. I was suggesting.

I love Central17. It really is a true honour to the original Hl2, and if I may ask, may I use some of those things, such as the broadcast machine and Manhack Arcade?

IS their anyway you could update the links? im really looking for Central17_V4

Please, use the PM instead of necromancing the thread. If they are still on facepunch they’ll notice the pm.

Also google the file as well

Just checked the link, it’s live.

I wish more talking about the vmf file for this map

Wow you know the thread is old if it has posts from Doonbugie in it.